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Zero balance in Cardano wallets; Troubleshooting Tutorial After Shelley Update

In recent weeks, users of the Digital Currency website have sent us many reports in the comments and social networks about the problem with Cardano Wallets (ADA). Many of the problems and questions raised revolve around these issues:

  • Why is my card stock “zero”?
  • Why can’t I see Cardano’s old addresses in my wallet?
  • Why can’t I retrieve Cardano in other wallets?
  • How do I move my cards from the old addresses (Byron) to the new addresses (Shelley)?

Given these concerns, we decided to publish an article to explain the cause of these problems and teach them how to solve them. After reading this article, you will get the answers to all your questions about the problems of Cardano wallets.

Where did the problems with Cardano wallets begin?

Cardano is one of the most popular projects in the field of blockchain and digital currencies, which with the help of its academic development team and using innovative methods of consensus, has been able to overcome scalable challenges to a large extent. At the time of this writing, the network’s digital currency (ADA) is ranked ninth in terms of market value. However, the Cardano project is still in the early stages of its roadmap, and it is not easy for users to adapt to changes in the project.

Zero balance in Cardano wallets;  Troubleshooting Tutorial After Shelley Update
Cardano’s rise from Byron (founding phase) to Shelley (decentralization phase) – Byron and Shelley are the names of two great British poets

The latest update to the network, called Shelley, was scheduled for July 29, 2020, as planned by the Cardano development team. Based on Description Introduced by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, the goal of implementing the Shell Update is to provide the infrastructure needed for complete decentralization of the Cardano network.

Previously, the Cardano blockchain was in the Byron phase and its network management was somewhat centralized, and now, with the Shell update, work is underway to transfer power to distributed nodes and support the consensus and reward mechanism of “proven stock representation”. Delegated Proof of Stake) is provided. According to the data published on the website adapools.orgAt the time of writing, the number of Cardano Staking Pools has reached 1342, and about 60% of the blocks in this Blockchaink are made by these pools.

federated nodes
Cardano transition status report from Byron phase to Shell phase; Source: Daedalus

Another important change that occurred during this update is the redesign of the Shell network address format compared to Byron’s older addresses. In the image below, you can see the old and new addresses.

cardano address format
New addresses (shells) start with add

In addition to these changes in appearance, we need to know that the new addresses will allow cardanos to share and receive rewards. Therefore, users who intend to share in the Cardano network must first transfer ADA units from the Byron address to a Shell address.

As we have said, updating Shell with all its benefits has caused problems for some Cardano users. In the following, we will review the most important cases reported by users and explain how to solve the problem in each wallet.

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Problem not displaying Cardano inventory in Atomic wallet

If you use an atomic wallet to hold ADA digital currency, you may have zero inventory problems. This is because Atomic Wallet only supports one type of Cardano address. So if your ADA units are on the Byron address and then you update the Atomic Wallet, you will see that your address is converted to a Shell address and zero inventory is displayed.

The solution to this problem is very simple. Update Atomic Software to the latest version. Then open your wallet and log in to Cardano’s account. From the top right of the screen, select Settings. Select “Claim ADA” on the settings page as shown in the image.

atomic wallet

By selecting this option, you will enter a page that displays Shelley’s new address as well as your balance in the old Byron address, and if you select the “Claim” option, the balance will be transferred to the new address.

atomic wallet

Log in to your Cardano account now. You will see that the ADA inventory is displayed correctly.

Problem getting Cardano in Daedalus wallet

By changing the Cardano network addresses after the Shell update, the ability to view Byron addresses in some wallets has been disabled. The reason for this is to encourage users to transfer assets to new (Shell) addresses in order to take advantage of the ability to share and participate in the network. This item (ie not displaying the address to receive the transaction) is found in the Atomic and Daedalus wallets. We talked about the atomic wallet earlier, and now we’re going to look at the Daedalus wallet.

Dedalus is Cardano’s official wallet that supports both Shelley and Byron addresses simultaneously, but as you can see in the image below, the wallet’s Byron account does not have a “Receive” option and the user can view their Byron addresses. does not have.

The top of the red line is for Byron’s account and the bottom is for Shelley’s account.

So if you use Dedalus wallet to hold ADA digital currency, it is better to transfer your ADA digital currency balance from Byron account to Shell account.

To do this, you can make a simple transaction to your Shell account address from the “Send” section of your Byron account. Also, if you have used the latest version of Daedalus wallet and created your Shell account, a notification about the transfer of assets to Shell’s address will appear on the dashboard.


To see this message, just click on the “Move ada to an existing wallet” option and select your desired shell account from the box that opens.

transfer funds-1

Then confirm this transaction by entering the wallet password:

transfer funds-2

By clicking on the “Transfer funds” option, all your ADA units will be transferred to the Shell address, and by logging in to the Shell account, you can view this balance:

Investigate Cardano Wallet Problems After Shelley Update

Learn how to transfer Cardano inventory to Shelley’s address in YOROI wallet

The YOROI wallet is also one of Cardano’s specialized wallets, which is available to users both in the form of a mobile application and in the form of a Chrome extension.

This wallet supports both old and new Cardano addresses and allows transactions with these addresses. If you use a Euro wallet, you can transfer ADA digital currency inventory from Byron to Shelley by visiting the Claim / Transfer section.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • First, select an account for your Shell address from your accounts. At the bottom of the name of each wallet, its type is specified (for example: shelley – standard wallet).
  • From the main wallet dashboard, select “Claim / Transfer”.
  • From the recovery options, select “Byron-era wallet”.
yoroi-transfer funfds

In the next step (image below), you must select your previous wallet type and confirm the transfer of assets by entering recovery words (backup words). If your Byron address is for a Daedalus wallet, select “12-word Daedalus walle” from the “Legacy Daedalus wallet” section and enter your 12 recovery words. If your Byron address belongs to the Euro, Ledger or Trezor wallet, select your wallet type from the “Icarus / Yoroi Wallet” section and enter the recovery terms. Eventually, after completing the steps above and confirming the transfer, Cardano units will be transferred from Byron’s address to Shelley’s address.


Learn how to transfer Cardano inventory to Shell’s address in Exodus wallet

In a recent update, the Exodus Multi-Wallet supports both Byron and Shelley addresses to store ADA digital currency, and allows coins to be transferred from Byron to Shelley.

To see the balance and address of both Byron and Shelley accounts, just log in to Cardano and select “Receive”. The address you see on this page is Shell’s address, but you can also see your Byron address by touching the small arrow next to the QR code.

exodus-move cardano

If you had network updates in Exodus Cardano before, you can now easily transfer ADA units to your Shell address by updating your wallet to the latest version. To do this, log in to your ADA account after updating your wallet. A notification (image below) will then be displayed. By selecting “Move Balance” and final confirmation, your card balance will be transferred from Byron to Shell.

exodus-transfer funds

Use your original wallet to fix the problem

In addition to all the problems we’ve listed about changing Cardano addresses, there’s another problem with ADA wallets: It is not possible to recover Cardano in another wallet using wallet recovery terms.

In fact, when you recover your wallet using the word 12/24, you should have all the addresses, transactions, and inventories of the digital currencies you had in your previous wallet in the new wallet (if supported). Digital) to be displayed. But in a few cases, it has been reported that Cardano’s inventory synchronization in different wallets is having problems.

For example, if you have some ADA in your Exodus wallet and enter 12 words of Exodus wallet recovery in Atomic Wallet, you will see that Cardano’s address is different in these two wallets and the ADA balance in Atomic Wallet is zero. At the moment, the cause of this problem is not clear and there is no specific solution for it.

So, to solve the problem, try to use only the same wallet that you had in Cardano before and do not transfer your recovery words to another wallet to solve the problem.

Do not worry in such cases

China’s blockchain networks are evolving day by day with the use of technological innovations. In the meantime, some changes due to updates are quite normal and all possible problems will be fixed in the future. The Cardano blockchain is no exception. As we have seen, the recent upgrade of this network caused changes in the addresses and performance of Cardano wallets, which caused concern to many users, but as we have taught, these problems are easily solvable.

Finally, we recommend that you do not worry about updates and functional changes to digital currencies and trusted wallets, and stay calm. All these changes are made in order to improve the performance of the network and all the problems that have arisen can be solved. Remember that as long as you have the private key or recovery words of your wallet and do not share it with others, your assets will not be in danger during the updates.


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