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YouTube Limits Anthony Pampliano Channel; What was the story about?

YouTube took the channel out of reach of one of the most popular figures in the digital currency space for a while yesterday, and later recovered it. The owner of the channel said that YouTube has not yet announced the reason for this action.

to the Report Coin Telegraph blocked YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing service, yesterday in a surprise move to Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and host of The Pomp Podcast. After a while it recovered.

The popular YouTube fan, known for his instructional videos and controversial interviews, announced on Twitter yesterday that he had received a message from YouTube stating that in his recent live interview with PlanB, The creator of the S2F model has encouraged audiences to engage in “illegal activities.” The Pampliano channel was completely out of reach for 2 hours, but now all of its videos can be viewed.

Pampliano said:

[یوتیوب] He initially said that the content of the interview related to Bitcoin was harmful and dangerous. Then they announced that [کانال] It will continue to be temporarily restricted, but I received a second email shortly after that said the channel would be deleted in a few seconds.

Pampliano has said he has not yet received any warnings about the temporary restriction of his channel, and apparently the video of his interview with Plan Behemoth did not contain any controversial content. According to the YouTube User Code, if a channel violates the rules of this platform for the second time, it will face restrictions for one week, which is also called temporary restriction or Strike. In addition, if a user receives 3 temporary restriction warnings within 90 days, the channel will be permanently deleted. The code states that if the content of a channel includes hate speech, harassment, impersonation and serious abuse, YouTube has the right to remove the channel directly, without regard to prior warnings.

YouTube has already targeted digital currency content in some cases. The platform removed human review from its video content review mechanism last year, prompting its video content review algorithm to recognize many videos related to bitcoin and digital currencies as “harmful content.” Pampliano was able to attract the attention of YouTube support team thanks to his 1 million followers on Twitter and his verified account on this social network. However, other users active in producing digital currency-related content have said they have been waiting several days for the support team to respond after their YouTube channel was blocked.

The seemingly unjustified removal of the account of one of the leading figures in the digital currency space is a reminder of the dangers of relying on centralized platforms such as YouTube. Last week, the social networks Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down for about 6 hours; An issue that may have disrupted the relationship between members of the digital currency community and the activities of Blockchain projects.

For some time now, YouTube has been focusing on removing videos that contain misinformation about the coronavirus. The video sharing service announced in August that it had deleted more than 1 million videos containing dangerous information related to the Corona virus since February 2020.


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