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With bitcoin prices down 30% in a week, about a quarter of unique Bitcoin addresses are at a loss.

The price of Bitcoin has lost about $ 15,000 in recent days. The crash caused 23% of unique network addresses to be lost.

to the the report The Bitcoin Telegraph, the price of Bitcoin in the last 7 days, has lost almost 30% of its value. The recent drop in the price of bitcoin has caused many bitcoin addresses to lose.

Profitability of Bitcoin URLs
Profitability of Bitcoin URLs

Glassnode data show that about a quarter of the unique addresses of the Bitcoin blockchain are at a loss. This situation is similar to the previous downtrend, which disrupted the uptrend.

Last March’s crash, known as Black Thursday, caused 25 percent of addresses to fall into disrepair. At that time, the price of bitcoin fell by about 50%.

In the 2019 jump that started from the $ 3,500 bitcoin price floor in 2018, a temporary drop of 25% of addresses into the loss range.

In the past, each time the bitcoin-affected addresses reached more than 25 percent, the price experienced a rapid recovery and recorded new peaks.

Glassonood data on the recent crash show a similar situation. In yesterday’s crash, Bitcoin lost 33 percent of its value, unprecedented since crossing the $ 20,000 mark.

In January, the price of Bitcoin lost 27% of its price. Prior to this price reduction, we saw a 4-fold jump in bitcoin, which began in September 2020 (September 99). At that time, the price of Bitcoin dropped by $ 10,000 in one week.

Falling relative to the peak price of Bitcoin
Falling relative to the peak price of Bitcoin

Capital inflows to exchange offices reportedly increased sharply over the past week. This rate has been unprecedented since Black Thursday.

The sharp increase in sales pressure caused the $ 700 billion market value of digital currencies to decrease in the last 7 days. More than half of that crash occurred in the last 24 hours, and the price of many digital currencies fell by 15 to 30 percent.


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