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With 40 million users, Venomo supports digital currencies

PayPal will soon be able to buy, sell, send and hold digital currencies through the Venmo app. Digital currency exchange services in Venom will start in late May (early June).

to the the report Earlier in November 2020, YouTube announced that it had made it possible to buy and hold the digital currencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and و within its network. It is worth mentioning that trading and sending currencies in Venmo can only be done in this application.

Venmo is an application that allows users to send money to each other through their mobile phones. The ability to buy from stores that support Venmo is one of the other services that users of this application have.

One of the features of digital currency services in Venmo is the possibility of buying digital currencies for at least $ 1. It is worth noting that Venmo has about 40 million active users.


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