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Widespread blackout warning, Ministry of Energy legacy for next government

With the onset of the summer heat and the frequent blackouts across the country, speculation about the cause of the power shortage has once again reached its peak. Meanwhile, some officials of the Ministry of Energy, in official statements, cite the unauthorized extraction of digital currency as the main cause of damage to the electricity network and widespread outages. On the other hand, some mining activists, who since last year have made proposals to expand power plant capacity and use surplus production to extract digital currencies, see such statements as a kind of projection and irresponsibility in providing electricity to citizens.

In this regard, some anonymous activists in the field of mining have prepared a note criticizing the current policies of electricity supply and management of the country’s power plants and have provided it to the digital currency media, which we will read together.


While according to the official announcement of the Ministry of Energy, about 33% of the country’s electricity consumption is allocated to the domestic sector, 34% to the industrial sector, 2% to street lighting and 1% to the digital currency mining industry. Frequent blackouts and abuse of ideas In order to introduce the mining industry as the main cause of blackouts, the public is playing a non-repetitive game these days.

The Syndicate of Iranian Electricity Producers, which currently accounts for 50% of the country’s total electricity generation capacity, has been in arrears with the Ministry of Energy since 1992. On the other hand, according to them, the best consumer for a power plant is the consumer without courier and with constant consumption; Because working at rated capacity for a large-scale power plant results in the best energy efficiency and productivity for that power plant.

According to the Association of Distributed Electricity Producers, there is currently about 400 megawatts of empty power plant capacity, which unfortunately the Ministry of Energy has virtually shut down by setting a very low order purchase rate for 8 months of the year.

Together, these two points reveal the importance of the blessings of the digital currency extraction industry for the country; An industry that wanted to use the existing surplus capacities as well as the construction of new power plants to play an effective role in driving the power plant economy.

In addition, there are signs of uncertainty in this area in the body of the Ministry of Oil. Because, according to the head of the Ministry of Petroleum Industrial Towns Company, this institution, along with other power plants, has enough gas and the necessary branches and infrastructure to convert gas into electricity; But the Ministry of Oil avoids realism and pragmatism in this area.

One of the strangest actions of the Ministry of Oil regarding the tariffing of the digital currency extraction industry is to link this issue to the tariffs announced by the Ministry of Energy. That is, if the electricity mining tariff is export, the gas tariff required to generate electricity must also be export (or close to export).

To justify this argument, it is enough that the weakness of power plant production and the capacity to convert gas into electricity and the weakness of the transmission lines of the Ministry of Energy do not indicate a shortage of gas or weakness in the Ministry of Oil. Therefore, linking these two issues to each other, it is not logical for the oil-rich country of Iran as the holder of the second largest gas reserves in the world.

To clarify the issue, a simple example can be given; If a country is rich in wheat and does not have a flour factory, flour will naturally become more expensive; But there is no reason to increase the price of wheat.

In this memo, in addition to burning opportunities for the production of digital currencies in the country, increasing the per capita GDP of the country and also depriving the country of revenues and income of digital assets, other important points should be noted.

Due to the overdue claims of electricity producers and the construction of a prison with gold bars for them, as well as preventing the issuance of licenses for mining craftsmen to develop power plant infrastructure, construction of new power plants and using the excess capacity of existing power plants, It will be dangerous for electricity producers.

These power plants have used all their resources and reserves for these periodic and major repairs in these few years and have no other liquidity to continue working. Temporary treatments for this persistent pain have been prescribed for many years with the sciatic nerve approach. According to the country’s development plan, electricity generation capacity was to grow by about 3,000 to 5,000 megawatts per year. But in practice, we have not seen any development in the prosperity and production and removal of obstacles for the country’s power plant infrastructure.

Therefore, we predict that in 1401 or 1402, due to mismanagement, we will face wider blackouts, the main reason being the lack of liquidity in the country’s power plants and the lack of funding and parts for their overhaul. However, the mining industry could provide a large part of it for the country’s power plants and only by using off-circuit capacities or the construction of new capacities, in order to develop the country’s passive defense goals.

Unfortunately, the excuses and emotional and unprofessional arguments from both bodies of the Ministry of Oil and Energy have left irreparable damage to the next government of the country. In a 2-year horizon, even if the country’s legal extraction capacity reached 1,500 MW, 3.1 billion cubic meters of gas per year would be needed, which considering the country’s 230 billion cubic meters of gas sales capacity per year, the mining share is only 0.7%. Was. However, for this small percentage, we saw that unprofessional and far from logical arguments were presented.

Currently, more than 2,000 applications for the establishment of Farm Mining have been received by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, but unfortunately only a handful of them have been licensed. Also, most of these activists bought their extraction devices before the Ministry of Energy tariffed the export price and now they have to continue working with their devices.

On the other hand, the volume of new investment (since 1998) in the field of mining has been almost zero, and the new tariffs have resulted in nothing but underground mining and forcing people to use unauthorized household electricity. However, people and activists have shown that they like the rule of law and welcome it if there is a logical rule, in the event of a self-proclaimed mining project. About 1,000 people had criminal records in the self-declaration of digital currency extraction equipment; But more than 3,000 people registered in the system to pay and have paid their tolls and legal fees based on customs numbers.

Despite the round-the-clock efforts of private sector representatives alongside the country’s electricity producers, this hasty set of decisions has only led to discouragement, capital flight, increased corruption and rent-seeking in various parts of the executive branch, and ultimately damage to the country. However, we hope that with continuous follow-up through legal channels, decision-makers and decision-makers, in the short time left, will take steps to compensate for the losses incurred in this industry.

What is certain is that, with more responsible decision-making, we can choose a path that benefits the country’s electricity network, electricity producers, mining activists and the dear people of our country.


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