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Why Ethereum can overtake Bitcoin; The analyst responds

Well-known digital currency analyst and coin host of the Coin Bureau program on YouTube believes that the market value of Ethereum can surpass that of Bitcoin. He says DeFi finance is Ethereum’s trump card, and leading updates could have a significant impact on Ethereum’s overtaking bitcoin.

to the the report The Daily Hoodel, a well-known analyst known by the pseudonym Guy, recently said in a video to his 1.17 million followers on YouTube that decentralized finance has the potential to attract investors looking for returns beyond the tools. Traditional finances are attracting.

Guy believes that due to Difai’s strong dependence on the Ethereum network, expanding the adoption of decentralized protocols could provide the energy needed to make Ethereum the number one currency in the market. He said the growth could be driven by up-to-date updates from Ethereum and other smart contract platforms that make them cheaper and more efficient networks.

The famous analyst said:

When these updates are done, the demand for digital currencies providing smart contracts will skyrocket. There is only one reason for this and that is defense. The benefits of the most basic Diffie protocols far outweigh the benefits of a centralized financial system. Large and small investors are feeling the pressure of low interest rates and high inflation, and this is turning returns of less than 5 to 7 percent into a failure. [تجاری] Converts. That is why institutional investors are turning to defiance.

He added:

While Bitcoin is recovering its hash rate since the recent crash, Ethereum has been relatively unaffected, and the Defy ecosystem has remained stable. I am sure that institutional investors want to have a say in Ethereum 2.0 shares; Something that is now possible in a Swiss bank.

Analyst Coin Bureau said Ethereum has a good chance of overtaking bitcoin, citing a stimulus that could upset the equation:

Because of this, and according to other criteria such as public acceptance of users, I think it is very likely that the value of the Ethereum market will surpass that of Bitcoin as the next uptrend begins. In addition, if Ethereum can own a stock exchange (ETF) before Bitcoin, this overtaking is guaranteed.

Several Ethereum ETFs are currently awaiting approval by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but none have been released yet. Moderator Coin Bureau said there was a chance the stock exchange commission would approve one of the funds; However, there is no evidence that Ethereum ETFs are approved.

He said in this regard:

It may be optimistic at the moment, but as far as I know the question of “if” is not raised; Rather, the debate is over “when.”


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