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Which projects are likely to AirDrop? Free tokens for loyalists

About two weeks ago, the Ethereum Name Service platform, better known as “ENS”, launched a major overdrop for people already on the “eth.” They reportedly donated an average of about $ 20,000 in free tokens. A few days later, the ParaSwap protocol, an environment for simultaneous use of the market’s top decentralized exchanges, announced plans to distribute 150 million free tokens to its 20,000 users who have been active in the protocol for the past two years. Divide.

These big airdrops, while surprising and, of course, very pleasing to the users of Ethereum Half-Service and Paraswap, have left many digital currency users lamenting why they have missed out on such tremendous opportunities.

AirDrop is a common method of marketing and introducing digital currency projects in which a certain amount of tokens is distributed among members of the digital currency community. Most idiots in this area are either scammers or donate worthless tokens to users. However, there are projects where airdressing is as valuable as diamonds.

In general, large projects that intend to airdrop give their tokens to users who have joined them in the early days of the project and have always had an active presence.

There are always good reasons to reward the first recipients of digital currency projects. In airships, wealth and the right to decide on the future of the project are shared among the primary users, and these individuals are somehow rewarded for the time they spend working on the project. Airdraps strengthen the community of digital currency projects, and are a great marketing tool to introduce new users to the project.

With the exception of Ethereum Half Service and Paraswap, which were probably not well known before launching their own token and giving it away for free to early users, Uniswap, Curve Finance, and 1inch were among the projects. They are the ones who have done AirDrop in the last year and at the same time with launching their own token, and since then they have experienced significant price growth.

All of these projects were good opportunities that could be rewarded with activity and investment. However, there are other good opportunities that we will introduce in the rest of this article.

Possible future airdrops

If you want to increase your chances of participating in the upcoming airdrops, one way is to use applications and protocols that have not yet released their own token and require the active presence of users. Some of these protocols may provide free tokens to their users in the future, and they may not have any plans to do so.

Keep in mind that AirDrop and free token donations from the following projects will not work in any way. It was not definite And this list is based only on the evidence that shows Possibility AirDrop is available from these projects.

We emphasize that all of these airdrops are probable and it is not possible to confirm the certainty of doing AirDrop and how to participate in it based on this list.

Projects with a high probability of airdrop include:

  • Metamask
  • Opensea
  • Phantom
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • Zk-Sync
  • Hop Protocol
  • XPollinate
  • Slingshot
  • Polymarket
  • Zapper
  • Opyn
  • زریون (Zerion)

To be eligible for AirDrop, you must work on each project to be considered a loyal user of the platform.

Don’t forget that you have to pay a fee to work on projects. Transaction fees on Bainance, Smart, China and Paligan networks are not high; But trading on the Ethereum network is relatively expensive and there is no guarantee of a return on investment.

In the image below, for each project, the name of the network and how to participate in their possible overdrafts are given.

Which projects are on the verge of AirDrop?  Possible future airdrops

Want more airdrops? the door This list The names of all possible projects are given.


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