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Which digital currencies have made the most profit since the beginning of 2021? Investments that changed your life

Many investors can be found who, with a smart investment, have been able to multiply their investments. For example, if someone bought Solana $ 1,000 earlier this year, he would now have more than $ 130,000 in assets.

to the Report Cryptopotito, investing in the digital currency market and taking advantage of this market has many “buts and buts”. However, in this game, however, you can find people who have made good profits.

It is safe to say that by 2021, the digital currency industry has been one of the most lucrative industries for investors. The growth of the digital currency market is evident when we look at the $ 300 billion market value of digital currencies last September; Today, the market is worth more than $ 2 trillion, while last week we saw a massive correction of the market, which in turn greatly reduced the market value. The interesting thing is that during last week’s fall, in just a few hours, the equivalent of last year’s market value was lost to investors.

The price of Bitcoin, the market’s number one digital currency, exceeded $ 60,000 earlier this year, pushing its market value above $ 1 trillion. Despite the fall of Bitcoin from its historical peak, many Altcoins managed to record significant growth.

Solana, Phantom, Paligan, Terra, Cardano and many other market names have experienced huge leaps during this period, which has made them the best investments of 2021.

In its latest statistics, Coin98 examines currencies that have grown well since the beginning of 2021. Coin 98 refers to these currencies as “hidden jewels.”

Which digital currencies have made the most profit since the beginning of 2021?  Investments that changed your life

Ethereum was priced at just $ 700 earlier this year. The Ethereum blockchain hosts many DeFi projects and NFT tokens, as well as a large number of marketable coins on the blockchain; This issue has increased the appetite of investors to buy this digital currency. On the other hand, the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade as an accelerator has improved the upward trend of this digital currency.

If you buy $ 1,000 ether on January 1, 2021, your money will quadruple. Your $ 1,000 would be $ 11,000 if you bought Binance Coin. If you bought Cardano, you now have $ 14,000, and if you invested in Paligan, you now have $ 80,000 in your pocket.

All of these statistics seem insignificant compared to the Solana and Phantom mutations; If you invested the same $ 1,000 in these two digital currencies, you now have more than $ 100,000!


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