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Where does bitcoin end up in the worst case scenario? The analyst responds

Dave the Wave, a leading Twitter analyst who a few months ago correctly predicted the $ 65,000 peak of bitcoin, described in his latest comment the worst possible event for this digital currency.

to the Report The current situation is similar to 2014, the Daily Hoodel wrote to more than 77,000 followers on Twitter. At that time, the price of Bitcoin fell from $ 988 to close to $ 160. He wrote about this:

While some compare the current situation with the fluctuations of 2013, I must say that the comparison with 2014 is not without merit. If you think the chart does not fit well with reason, then do not forget:

1- This forecast is only a technical analysis.
2- You can consider it as a kind of risk management or anxiety test.

Bitcoin price chart
Bitcoin price chart

He went on to say that his talk was the worst-case scenario for Bitcoin; This means that it can not necessarily be relied on.

Each bitcoin is currently trading at $ 42,000 and has lost more than 17% of its value over the past two weeks. According to Diodevo forecast, in the short term we may see the price reach $ 37,500. He writes about this:

The situation is sensitive.

Bitcoin price chart
Bitcoin price chart

In another part of his tweet, he also mentions the Golden Cross on the Bitcoin chart and writes that he is skeptical about this index. In recent days, many analysts have talked about the formation of a golden intersection in the Bitcoin chart, which is considered a positive factor. He wrote about this:

Why is the golden intersection difficult? This is because the 50-day moving average may have occurred in a small time frame.

According to him, the price of bitcoin will not necessarily fall sharply, and it is very unlikely that we will see a fall below $ 20,000. He wrote about this:

Just as you did not see a very high price peak, you probably will not see a very heavy fall. Just like other market reforms, people are undoubtedly waiting for a low price that will never happen.


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