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What were the reasons for the 85% increase in the price of Tezos last month?

Experts and analysts point to the improvements made to the Tezos protocol, attractive share rewards, and increased acceptance of this digital currency in real-world applications, factors that have fueled the rising price of Tezos.

to the Report Coin Telegraph, Ethereum is by far the best first-tier protocol if we are to look at active users of smart contract-based networks. Ethereum, meanwhile, faces many competitors in the debate over becoming the “computer of the world.” These competitors are attracting many users by offering solutions for expensive and slow transactions.

Blockchain Proof of Tzos shares is one of these networks that has performed well over the past month. The Tezos china block is designed to change without the need for a hard fork.

Market data show that Tezos rose 165 percent to $ 5.53 yesterday from July 20, when it hit a low of $ 2.09. Yesterday, the daily trading volume of this digital currency increased to $ 1 billion.

The recent Granada update, the acceptance of Tzos by major banking institutions, and the attractive share reward of this digital currency have allowed the digital currency to experience significant growth.

Thesis price chart
Thesis price chart

Update thesis and reduce commissions

As mentioned earlier, the Tzos blockchain can be changed without the need to run a hard fork.

So far, this Blockchain network has experienced 7 successful updates. Three of these updates have been launched this year, the most recent being Granada, which aired online in early April.

According to the Tezos Update team, with Granada running, the production time of each block has been reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. Fees paid in Tzos have also been reduced 3 to 6 times.

A new mechanism has been included in the Granada upgrade. This mechanism creates liquidity between XTZ and tzBTC. This is made possible by creating a small amount of thesis in each block and depositing it in a smart fixed marketing contract.

Large banking institutions and acceptance of thesis

Crypto Finance AG and the Swiss business-to-business platform InCore were among the companies that started accepting Thesus, which fueled the flames of the Thesos ascent. Build asset tokens.

The two companies are looking to create a new, smart contract-based capability to take advantage of financial markets by creating a new token standard called DAR-1. The use of this new standard in matters such as anti-money laundering and asset monitoring is one of the plans of these two companies in cooperation with Tzos.

Attractive share rewards

Another factor that has attracted many investors to the Tesus market is the high return on equity in this digital currency; This high profit has caused many transactions to go out of business.

According to StakingRewards, XTZ currently has an annual profit of 7.85%. People who are more familiar with the field of technology can earn 8.73% per annum by becoming a Baker.

What were the reasons for the 85% increase in the price of Tezos last month?

Sharing Tezos is not a difficult task and users can easily share their currencies through the project wallet offered. Many exchanges, such as Coin Bass, Cracken, and Bainance, also support the digital currency.

TZStats data show that 77.65% of in-cycle processing is currently stocked, which has led to a sharp decline in market share; A factor that is not ineffective in increasing the price of this digital currency.


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