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What is white paper and how to read it?

White paper, which is translated in Persian as “white papers”, in fact refers to a comprehensive report of the performance of a plan or project and the problem it solves. The use of white paper is not limited to the world of digital currencies; But today, the term is also widely used in the Blockchain and digital currencies. In this article, we take a look at the importance of white paper in the field of digital currencies and examine the correct ways to study it.

What is white paper in the field of digital currencies?

White paper in the field of digital currencies is a document (usually a PDF file) that provides a comprehensive description of a decentralized project (digital currency or blockchain-based network). In fact, White Paper is a project introduction that explains to the reader what problem a project is going to solve. White paper can exist in any field and is not limited to the world of digital currencies.

When faced with a new digital currency (especially if the project is in the early stages of coin offering, or ICO), the first step we need to take to analyze it is to study the white paper.

The purpose of writing this document in the field of digital currencies is to provide a detailed map of the future of these currencies and their plans. A comprehensive description of the product itself and the technology behind it, the problem this product is going to solve, details about its digital token and information about the development team and their roadmap for the project are some of the things that White paper should be mentioned.

The most famous white paper in the world of digital currencies is the Bitcoin introduction report. “Bitcoin: An Electronic and Peer-to-Peer Electronic Payment System” was published in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, and marked the birth of the world’s first decentralized digital currency. From This link You can read Bitcoin White Paper.

Studying white paper projects (before investing in them) is important for three reasons. The first reason is that it allows you to understand and familiarize yourself with the project. The second reason is that by studying the white paper, you can discover the problem that this project is trying to solve and check whether this project will be able to solve such a problem or not. Finally, reading the White Paper gives you the ability to gauge the validity of a project token, and you will be able to decide whether or not to invest in it with a clearer view.

It should not be forgotten that white papers are written by the project team, and therefore, a negative point in a white paper can not be found directly until a thorough analysis and analysis is done. Obviously, a project development team only praises their project in their reports, but an in-depth look can reveal the project’s unspoken weaknesses.

Here’s how to put one together for use with your white paper. With the help of this document, you will be equipped with a powerful weapon to decide whether to invest in your next digital currency or ICO.

What are the parts of a white paper?

White Paper

A standard and complete white paper contains the following sections:

Abstract (Abstract)

In the abstract section, you will be given a brief but overview of the project and the leading sections. In fact, the task of the abstract is to encourage you to read more and to arouse your curiosity about the details of the project.

Introduction (Introduction)

The introductory section usually covers basic topics such as the nature of the Blockchain and digital currencies and their benefits, as well as the market that this digital currency intends to enter.

Problem definition (Problem)

This section provides users with more details about the target market of the project and more carefully examines the challenges in this industry (digital currency industry). These challenges can be technical or related to the type of business management in this area. The current solutions that have been considered to address these challenges are also listed in this section, and the development team states its reasons for the insufficiency of the existing solutions.

Product description (Description)

In this section you can read the description of the introduced product (in the language of the developer or developers) and find out exactly what this platform, product or service does, how it works and how it will be able to solve the mentioned problems.

Technical details (Technical Details)

In this part of the report, you will find the technical details of the project blockchain. Items such as detailed and technical description of the product development method, its technical specifications and the method of development and supply of its digital coin or token are among the items that you will encounter in this part of the document.


This section is entirely dedicated to the quin or digital token of the project. By reading this section, you will find out what these new coins or digital tokens are supposed to do, what the mechanism is for delivering them, and how their existence benefits the users of this project and, on a larger scale, the digital currency community. Will have.

Public offer details

If this white paper is written to sell a specific token, its public offering information will also be included. Tips such as when launching and launching different parts of the product, incentive plans, details about eligible (and unqualified) people to invest in the product, how to use the raised capital and the project roadmap are some of the things that you will access in this section. Had.

Introducing the development team

The end sections usually contain information about the project founders and senior developers. A strong and experienced team is one of the main pillars of success in any digital currency project. For this reason, the presence of this section in White Paper is very important (and we recommend that you read it). In this section you can find the specialized records of each member of the project and get acquainted with the role they play in the current project.


A good white paper ends with a conclusion. In the concluding section, a summary of the main points of the project is mentioned, and if the public offering of the token is about to take place, this issue will be reminded in this section so that interested people do not miss the opportunity to participate.

Do not rely on white paper

Although a white paper study is required before investing in a project, it should not be relied upon alone. As mentioned above, a white paper is published by the development team and therefore it is not possible to get a complete picture of the potential problems and challenges of the project.

Apart from white paper, there are many other criteria that show how positive the future of a project is. You can learn more about these criteria in the Fundamental Analysis Training article.


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