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What is the biggest risk for Bitcoin? The analyst responds

One of the leading analysts in the digital currency market has mentioned important factors that can have a downward effect on the price of Bitcoin in the long run.

to the Report Daily Hoodel, Anthony Pompliano, veteran digital currency market analyst and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, has recently named some of the biggest threats to the bitcoin market.

In a new episode of The Best Business Show on YouTube, Pampliano cites downward factors that could affect the price of bitcoin in the long run.

The analyst said:

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, bitcoin is a currency [رایج] Will not convert, and this will prevent bitcoin from becoming a target market. [ارزش بازار] Bitcoin can finally [بازار] Gold is essentially a tool for storing value. It will not be used in everyday payments and therefore prices may rise again but this growth will be limited.

Pampliano went on to point out the factors that could negatively affect the growth of bitcoin prices.

He says:

The second case is that we will finally find out who Satoshi Nakamoto is and if we find out his identity. [ممکن است مشخص شود] That is a bad person and [به همین خاطر] We do not want to know who he is, [چراکه] This can have a negative impact.

Pampliano continued:

The next thing is that no one in special cases, such as overseas payments, from [بیت کوین] Does not use. [بیت کوین] It is slow and expensive and these are related to its technical problems.

The analyst added:

There are also uncertainties, such as whether governments will seek to ban, legislate, tax, suspend, or outlaw in the future. [بیت کوین] And some of that will be lost [یا خیر].

Despite all this, Pompliano has said that there is a danger that could threaten the integrity of the Bitcoin network.

He said:

I think this is the best argument that can be made and it is the biggest risk for Bitcoin. This will make experts very angry because it has nothing to do with external factors. The development process continues. The process of updating bitcoin continues and is very structured and extremely purposeful. Intentionally slow [پیش می‌رود] And includes many filters and security checks. But there may be a technical problem with the code [شبکه] Be there, as if you were inadvertently in trouble!

Despite these risky criteria, Pampliano says bitcoin is still an attractive asset.

This analyst says:

The reason Bitcoin is attractive is that [با وجود آن] I do not need any more productive assets and I will not be greedy. I want something that will have the best economic return, and I know that will happen in the next 50 years.


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