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What is BitConnect?

Is it possible to commit a multi-billion dollar scam that has been arranged right in front of our eyes?

BitConnect is an example of this that gives us a positive answer, yes it is possible.
It took about a year for BitConnect to become a digital currency and its investment platform to be visited, but its founders and maintainers are not there for the reasons they want it. BitConnect became almost immediately profitable, as if the grandchildren of Charles Panzi’s results were the founders of this site!

Double digit return on investment on a monthly basis! Guaranteed! There is probably something in between that does not fit!

Investigate three major digital scams

The rather strange fact here is that these promises may actually be possible for a short time. Prices will rise again quickly, but we need to save BitConnect from this catastrophe that will surely happen.
There may be a trading robot they have invented that can predict the lively foreign exchange market in 2017, they said.

But do not worry, download our exclusive and risk-free software and sit and watch the magical event!

Compared to the $ 10,000 investment standard, a credit of up to 25% return is given to investors over a four-month period by making a profit and adding $ 9,000 to the principal. How exciting! Register me too

This referral program is a classic point of reference for them, and they do amazing things that Panzi did over the years.
Suffice it to say that only if each of these programs allocates a percentage of the latest investment to investors or acquires a new subsidiary can they return the money of the previous people.
At present, this model of prices and the great interest and excitement that exists in this field overshadows this fact, and BitConnect continues to work in this ignorance.
People who have simply entered into this bitcoin scheme can go crazy with these programs. I think a lot of these people have little investment experience and this (in the near future) will be a terrible storm.


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