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What is a Trader Bot?

Instead of wasting your time, wasting time and trading manually, use trader bots to make you rich while you sleep; It sounds like a great idea, but can you really get rich with a trading robot? After reading this article, you will get acquainted with the trader robot and how it works. You also get the answer to the question of whether profitability with a trading robot is certain. To write this article, from an essay Help is available on the Coin Telegraph website.

What is a trading robot?

A trader robot is software that a trader can configure to automatically buy and sell various assets without the need for a trader.

Trader robots typically use a series of algorithms to detect trends and decide when to trade.

Robots have been used in the stock and forex markets for many years, and now they have entered the field of digital currencies. While price fluctuations in traditional markets are usually limited to a maximum of five percent per day, price fluctuations in the world of digital currencies, which are 24 hours a day, are very high, reaching as high as 50 percent in a single day. Because of this, the risk in this market is higher and requires more supervision.

A good trading robot provides an opportunity for traders to not miss trading opportunities all day and night, even when they are asleep or leaving their desk.

Do a Google search for “Trader bot” to find hundreds of different names for trader bots. Some of these robots are free, but others have significant monthly costs depending on the number of features and characteristics that the user expects from the robot. The degree of efficiency, the level of analysis provided to traders, as well as the number of orders are factors that indicate a particular piece of software.

Do not forget that most of the current trading bots that are available for free do not have the necessary performance and most of the time they only cause losses to the trader. Professional and large traders often use proprietary robots developed by experienced programmers.

When all goes well, robots can help digital currency traders stay one-on-one in the market when it comes to trading. Robots can trade based on input parameters of developers or traders, or they can copy the activities of analysts and expert traders and thoroughly examine their performance.

How do robots know what to do?

Professional traders in the market trade according to analysis, not emotions.

Familiarity with Trading Bots in simple language

Existing robots typically operate on the basis of algorithms configured by their developers, and thus their success depends on the builders’ understanding and knowledge of how the market works. Conventional trader bots are annoying to professional traders who have their own particular interpretations of the market because some parts of the software have limited personalization capabilities.

Robots, like humans, cannot make purchases based on forecasts; they make purchases based on technical indicators. For example, you can specify a purchase if the RSI indicator of an asset falls below 30. If your selected indicators indicate a buy opportunity, the robot will also blindly execute the configured order; Unless you associate your robot with a professional trader who copies his work, also called copy trading.

When it comes to selling, it is safe to say that it is time to sell, or that a stop loss or stop loss is needed when the market falls. Stop loss is when when the price of an asset falls below a certain price, it will be sold automatically to prevent further loss. This price can be a certain percentage of the initial price.

The main advantage of a robot is that it can search for new opportunities through professional indicators and at the same time have a strong and clear view of the investments made. Emotions and greed usually prevent a trader from selling or buying on time, and this problem can be solved with robots.

Some robots also work with fundamental analysis, which is much more complex. These robots trade in relation to news and objective events in the market. For example, the Bitcoin ETF has always been considered as one of Bitcoin’s uptrends. So fundamental bots trade when they see the news of the acceptance of the Bitcoin ETF or other big and small news on Twitter and news agencies. On April 1, 2019, the price of Bitcoin suddenly increased by more than 30%. That day coincided with April Fools’ Day, when the media spread false news. Many analysts believe that one of the main reasons for this sharp rise was the news of the Bitcoin ETF approval, which was published by Finance Magnates. In this way, and according to this claim, the trading robots, based on this news and on the analysis of emotions, made a large purchase and increased the price.

To use a robot, the first thing you need to do is connect your robot to the exchange you use the most.

In most bots, in order to do this, you usually need to get your Exchange API key and give it to the robot to access your account. You can then specify for the robot when it is time to buy or sell the coin you have chosen.

Can trader robots be trusted?

The short answer to this question is “no”. There is no guarantee that if you use a robot, it will not harm you. At present, trader robots can not compete with human wisdom. But if you want to use robots, be sure to try it with low capital.

You need to find a reputable robot that has no programming errors and is up-to-date and active at all times. Robots must also have features that protect users from unfortunate crashes.

There have also been reports of seemingly reliable robots being trapped by fraudsters and stealing large sums of money. Always make sure you are using a service that has worked for an acceptable period of time. However, the risk is still not zero.

What is a Trader Bot?

Finally, you need to know that for big traders, if you are looking for a steady income, using robots alone is not a good option for you. Using analytical tools and systems can help you, but you should not leave all the work to the systems.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence contribute greatly to the development and evolution of robots, but there is still a long way to go before technology overcomes human intelligence and instinct.

It does not appear that a robot will soon be able to detect a major threat to the world of digital currencies or the importance of emerging technologies. However, we have to keep in mind that if everyone uses the same strategy in robots, no one can be in a position to make a profit.


Trader bots are sites or software that, according to the trader’s schedule, can trade an asset without the need for a trader.

Based on different trading strategies, these robots can automatically place a buy and sell order in the event of the trader’s desired conditions. Trader bots are made by programmers.

A robot can be public or private. Most of the current public robots do not have the necessary efficiency and most of the time they only cause losses to the trader. Professional and large traders often use proprietary robots.

At the present time, trader robots can still not compete with human wisdom, and it does not make sense to rely entirely on a robot.

What do you think? Do you have experience working with trader robots? Write your opinion in the comments section of this article.


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