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What do US lawmakers think about digital currencies?

The annual Consensus, the largest event in the field of blockchain and digital currencies, hosted by the Quin Desk website, usually brings together a number of policymakers and regulators to discuss their approach to digital currencies and how this approach has evolved over the years. Explain.

At this year’s event, which began on Monday (June 7th) and ended on Thursday, representatives from US regulators spoke at the event about regulating the digital currency market. In the following, we will mention some important events of this event.

Lael Brainard, Member of the Board of the Federal Reserve; Brinard was the keynote speaker at the conference, describing the Boston Central Bank’s precise approach to the digital dollar from a policy perspective.

Mark Gordon, Governor of Wyoming; Gordon revealed that he has a digital currency and is concerned about national digital currencies.

Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli, President of the International Monetary Fund; Asked about China’s digital yuan, Mancini-Griffoli said that theoretically, the existence of several reserve currencies in the world would make it relatively stable.

Cynthia Lummis, US Senator; Senator Lumis, a supporter of digital currencies, officially announced the formation of the Financial Innovation Faction on Tuesday. Wyoming Republican Sen. Lumis and Arizona Democratic Sen. Krysten Sinema pioneered the effort.

Hester Peirce, Member of the US Securities and Exchange Commission; The growth of digital assets is likely to force the commission to modernize its tenure laws, he said.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis; Police, a former member of Congress and one of the founders of the Blockchain Congress, said they plan to work with state legislators to adopt digital currencies for tax purposes.

Christian Catalini, One of Diem’s ​​builders, a leading economist and professor at MIT, said that Facebook’s initial view of the Quinn Libra Stable project (formerly Diem) was “naive.” Dim is a stable coin that Facebook intends to publish.

Harvesh Seegolam, Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Mauritius; He said the Central Bank of Mauritius plans to launch its official digital currency by the end of this year. He referred to research on the official digital currency in the Republic of Mauritius at the Consensus Conference last year.

Carole Hous, director of cyber security at the White House National Security Council; House said the lack of control may require the US government to enact some measures to limit fraudulent funding.

Michael Mosier, head of the US Financial Crimes Network (FinCEN); Moser, who took office earlier this year following the resignation of former Finson CEO Kenneth Blanco, said a controversial proposed law was being considered that would require digital currency exchanges to collect data on transfers. To private wallets.

Statements of market participants

Ray Dalio Billionaire investor and risk fund manager who founded Bridgewater Associated (Bridgewater Associated) revealed on Monday that he has bitcoin.

Bainance Exchange: “Reversal” Attacks on Bainance Smart China (BSC) Decentralized Software Impossible; Business and ecosystem development co-ordinator Samy Karim said the Bainance exchange could not help repel attacks on projects created on Bainance Smart China. Bainance Smart China uses a consensus authentication mechanism in which shareholders choose Bainance Coin (BNB) shareholders; However, Bainance Exchange itself is one of the largest holders of BNB.

The American National Football League legend has definitely invested in digital currencies: Tom Brady, quarterback of the Tampa Bay Bookers (TBB), confirmed that he has a digital currency, but did not specify which currency and how much.

Topics outside of CoinDesk

World News Network: Former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summer has warned that stimulus package payments could lead to inflation.

Reuters news agency: PayPal intends to allow its users to withdraw digital currencies and transfer them to third-party wallets.


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