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Wembley Membell code for LightQueen will be ready soon; Privacy in transactions

Green ++ developer David Burkett has said that the initial code for the LightCoin Wembley Furniture will probably be ready by the end of March, after which the necessary audits and reviews will be carried out.

To Report “Cryptonews, Burket, which spends most of its time on LightQueen Wembley, said in an interview:

I am completing the code, but we also have testers reviewing and submitting their suggestions. I do not know how long this will take or how many changes they will propose.

He said the initial code could be completed by the end of February, but for certain reasons he could not say for sure. Burket also added:

We are looking to complete the Mimble Wimble code in early 2021 and it should be completed by the end of March.

However, he tweeted on February 2 (Tuesday):

The initial code will be completed on March 15 and ready to be reviewed!

January Progress: We’ve improved the way we manage secret addresses thanks to the MingleJingle design.

We cleared the transaction history interface and made other upgrades to the wallet.

The initial code will be completed on March 15 and ready to be reviewed!

But completing the code is not the final step. This code has not yet undergone network integration, full audit, or in-chain activation. He added:

Once the initial code is complete, we will still need further review and local testing, and miners and nodes should enable it. If all goes well, we will merge the code and work on activating it (which is a process for the whole set).

Burket about the activation schedule [کدها] said:

We are trying to activate it sometime before the end of this year.

A Membellumble LightQueen test network was reportedly launched in October last year. At the same time, Burkett said that the budget situation is better than then, adding:

I think we have budgeted for at least the next two months or maybe three months.

The LightQueen Foundation has allocated a special budget for Burket’s work.

Membellumble, named after a spell on the Harry Potter books, is a design with a focus on privacy and interchangeability in transactions. According to reports, this protocol allows users to encrypt all data related to each transaction using various factors, thereby adding a double layer of security to each transaction and enhancing scalability.

The protocol also uses the CoinJoin mechanism, which combines different payment information into a single chain of transactions. This makes it difficult for outsiders to identify the source and destination users of payments.

The Grin project, which implemented a lighter version of Mambolvimbel, launched its core network in January 2019 after launching Beam. Green ++ is also a Green wallet with a built-in full node.

LightCoin, the seventh largest digital asset by market value, is currently trading at $ 150, up 5.4 percent in the past 24 hours and 22.6 percent in the past week.


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