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Well-known analyst: The peak of the big uptrend in bitcoin prices is near

Alessio Rastani, a leading digital currency market analyst and trader, says Bitcoin will close its $ 100,000 uptrend in the next few months.

to the Report Coin Telegraph, Alessio Rastani, digital currency market analyst and trader, believes that Bitcoin is entering the final stage of the current bullish market, which will push the market’s top digital currency to the $ 100,000 target.

To explain this prediction, Rastani referred to the Elliott Wave Theory, which divides uptrend into five waves. Rastani believes that Bitcoin has entered the final wave of the uptrend. According to him, this wave, which started in early 2019, will take place next year [میلادی] It reaches its peak.

Rastani said:

When these 5 waves are over, I expect a bearish market.

Leading analyst: Bitcoin is entering the final stages of its major uptrend
Elliott Wave Model

Citing research by behavioral finance expert Jason Goepfert, Rastani predicted that Bitcoin’s next downturn could coincide with a broader downturn in traditional markets that could occur in the next few years. Rastani noted that stock market reform could have a negative impact on bitcoin, as the stock market and bitcoin are both risky assets.

The digital currency market analyst added:

When there is a tendency to risk, both markets go up, but when there is a slight tendency to risk, these markets go down.


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