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Walmart’s job advertisement raised the price of Bitcoin to $ 48,000

Walmart Chain Store, one of the largest chain stores in the world, is looking to hire a digital currency specialist. Following the news, the price of Bitcoin reached over $ 48,000.

to the Report Utoodi, Walmart has stated in its job advertisement that it wants to hire someone for the job position of Blockchain and digital currency manager. This caused the price of Bitcoin to rise above $ 48,000. Bitcoin is currently trading in the $ 47,600 range.

Walmart said in a statement that it is looking for an “interested” and “enthusiastic” person in the field of digital currencies to be able to develop corporate strategies in relation to digital currencies.

Creating partnerships with digital currencies and investing in the field will be one of Walmart’s new director of digital currencies.

Walmart has been testing the use of the Blockchain in its business for years. In 2018, the company used the Blockchain to track food in a pilot program in collaboration with IBM.


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