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Vitalik Butrin’s new talk about decentralized organizations, Ethereum and NFTs

In his latest interview with Decentralized Authorities (DAOs), Vitalik Butrin, creator of Ethereum Digital Currency, examines the structure of the Ethereum Network and Non-Alternative Tokens (NFT) and comments on each of them.

to the Report Quinn Telegraph, Vitalik Butrin, co-founder of Ethereum, during the new episode of The Stakeborg Talks podcast, discusses a variety of issues including his initial interest in mathematics and problem solving, the potential of decentralized organizations, his personal views on the Bitcoin community and non-Bitcoin tokens. NFT) has commented.

Butrin is a very modest entrepreneur and is very interested in his profession. When asked which job title he prefers, he chose the title “Philosopher of Technology”; Of course, he probably coined the term himself.

Butrin began the conversation with a few quotes from Thucydides, the infamous Greek historian, scientist, and warrior, and then explained his view on the dichotomy between the principles of continuous advancement in the technology industry and the abstract atmosphere created between the pioneers of philosophy. Dad.

Asked if Ethereum could replace bitcoin, not only in terms of price, but also as a storeable asset, Butrin said:

I think the biggest difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin is that in Bitcoin the value of the ecosystem is due to the price of this digital currency, but in Ethereum it is the ecosystem that is valued in digital currency. [اتر] It gives value.

The launch of London Ethereum Hardfork in mid-August has improved the network’s transaction payment system, with a significant impact on transaction fees and miners’ revenue.

Butrin said:

Especially [اکنون که] The “EIP-1559” project has been implemented and the commissions are being burned, the economic goals of this [به‌روزرسانی] It becomes more visible.

Butrin was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People a month ago. His main role in the growth of the Ethereum network and bringing the market value of this digital currency to more than $ 400 billion, was the main reason for receiving this title. Leading the Decentralized Finance Industry (DeFi) and helping to spread proverbial tokens were other reasons he was selected as one of Time Magazine’s most influential figures.

Referring to the growth of decentralized organizations and the development of models such as voting and second-tier funding, Butrin explained that Gitcoin DAO and Optimism are among the projects that provide solutions for managing public goods, and They are expanding the perspective of this field.

Asked if decentralized financial institutions would succeed in the digital currency ecosystem after the success of decentralized finance and counter-tokens, Butrin said:

I believe that the importance of these organizations will definitely increase over time. I do not think that the DAO space has a significant shortage and on the contrary, there are very small shortcomings in them. When does a DAO decide to use a core strategy for the first time, or when do two DAOs decide to merge? The issue is the ability to make big decisions, not to follow the same gradual path. I think we will see such things soon.

Butrin concluded by pointing to the rapid growth of the realm of unparalleled tokens, and said about the new people who have been attracted to these assets:

I think NFTs are very interesting culturally. They cause people to enter the Ethereum with a completely different way of thinking [فعالان] They have decentralized finance and ordinary people active in the digital currency space.


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