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Vitalik Butrin: Sometimes my fame gets on my nerves!

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butrin says fame is a nuisance to him and tends to be less visible.

to the Report Crypto Slate, Vitalik Butrin, recently spoke in an interview about his experiences as the leader of Ethereum and said that sometimes he likes to be seen less. He tried to show that it did not matter to him by saying that he “accepted being seen as a natural consequence of his situation.”

In his remarks, Butrin examines various aspects of leading a digital currency project. According to him, the bad side of this issue is facing too much interest in digital currency.

So far, various figures have commented on this. Late last year, for example, billionaire investor Mark Cuban described bitcoin as a “ritual.”

In a similar case, Finn Breton, a professor of science and technology at the University of California, Davis, said that digital currencies could be part of people’s identities.

“Burton has said about this:

When you buy bitcoin, you are actually involved in the whole affair, and this affair can be part of your identity.

Butrin, when talking about his desire to be less seen, pointed to reasons that are more related to the pain of being recognized by the public. He said he likes to cover his face with a Musk so he can no longer be identified.

The creator of Ethereum says:

I mean, there is no physical security by itself. You want to have your life and [دائماً] Do not encounter people who ask you “Are you Vitalik Butrin?”. Sometimes these things bother me.

Butrin’s experiences are probably more than what he mentioned in this interview.

Although Butrin has denied the threat to his life, Anthony Di Iorio, another co-founder of Ethereum, has said he has distanced himself from the digital currency space out of fear for his personal safety.

Di Lorio, who has had a bodyguard since 2017, has said he no longer feels safe since entering digital currency.

Charles Haskinson, CEO of Input-Output Global and founder of Cardano, raised similar concerns earlier this year. In a shocking video, he described the attacks he encounters daily in cyberspace and real life.

“Haskinson said:

I have been attacked in every possible way. I am usually called a criminal every day and sometimes in my presence. I have seen people shouting my name violently. I was threatened with death, and people sent me white powder and pretended to be infected with anthrax. My house has been robbed and my safety has been threatened on several occasions.

There is no doubt that people’s intense interest in digital currency can lead to misconceptions and misbehavior. Of course, it should be noted that this issue can be seen in any field that deals with celebrities.


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