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Vitalik Butrin sharply criticizes Bitcoin acceptance in El Salvador

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butrin has strongly criticized the acceptance of bitcoin in El Salvador, saying that extremist supporters of bitcoin are responsible for the consequences of their unwarranted support for the law.

to the Report Crypto Briefing, Vitalik Butrin, co-founder of Ethereum, has strongly criticized the dictatorial policies of accepting bitcoins in El Salvador, saying the decision was made “recklessly” and runs counter to the liberal ideals that are so important to the digital currency community. Butrin’s remarks came in response to a post on a Reddit social networking site that criticized the mandatory Bitcoin acceptance law for El Salvador President Nayib Bukele.

Butrin stressed that encouraging millions of people to use bitcoin without any prior training could lead to scams and hacking of their personal accounts. He went on to criticize members of the digital currency community who praise Buckle’s controversial policies, regardless of their expertise. The founder of Ethereum blamed extremists for Bitcoin’s unreasonable support for El Salvador’s new law.

The acceptance of bitcoin as El Salvador’s legal currency has not been without controversy so far, and earlier this year was met with strong protests and criticism of the Buckle government. Vice-Buckle has already been criticized for his authoritarianism, including forcing him to advance his plans in the Salvadoran parliament and calling himself a dictator on Twitter. In early 2020, he and a group of Salvadoran Army soldiers occupied the parliament to force lawmakers to agree to one of his plans.

Butrin said:

There is nothing wrong with that. Forcing businesses to adopt a particular digital currency is contrary to the liberal aspirations that are so important in the digital currency space. In addition, pressuring the people of El Salvador to use bitcoins, while almost no effort has been made to educate them, is reckless and puts many innocent people at risk of being hacked and defrauded.

The founder of Ethereum added:

Everyone should [از این موضوع] Be ashamed. Well, the main people who [در این مورد] I’m responsible for: Extreme Bitcoin fans, those who do not think [به این موضوع] They praise it, they should be ashamed of themselves.


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