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Visa: Non-recurring tokens are a good tool for engaging users

Visa, the global payment services industry giant, recently released a review of non-peer-to-peer (NFT) tokens and said the technology could be used to engage users.

to the Report Coin Telegraph, Visa, recently published a white paper on unique tokens, in which it explores infrastructure technology and its ability to engage users.

This article, published on August 23, identifies unparalleled tokens as an important innovation during the Corona epidemic; At the time, watching sports and participating in music and entertainment festivals was severely restricted. Unparalleled tokens have emerged at a time when users tend to join the digital communities that revolve around their favorite artists and sports teams.

With the spread of the corona epidemic around the world, professional sports were hit hard. Estimates show that the corona epidemic caused major sports leagues around the world to lose $ 18 billion in revenue.

Visa wrote in this article:

[این اتفاق ثابت کرد] Which requires more diverse sources of revenue and should focus on businesses moving to technology to create more opportunities and attract users.

“NFTs are attractive to collectors, fans, teams, sports leagues and talented individuals,” Visa wrote in its report. Unparalleled tokens can clearly become a major source of user engagement, customer relationship management, and new revenue streams. In this article, Visa mentions collections, works of art and computer games as cases of using unique parables.

The white paper was released at the same time that Visa announced that it had purchased Token 7610 token of its CryptoPunks suite as its first NFT for $ 150,000. Cryptopanx is a collection of 10,000 unique tokens that use a proof of ownership mechanism and are stored in the Ethereum blockchain. New data show that 2,519 tokens in this collection with a total value of $ 467.4 million have been sold in the last 30 days. During this period, the best sale was related to token number 7252 of this collection, which was sold at a price of 1,600 ethers, equivalent to $ 4.5 million.

In addition to the strong popularity of the cryptocurrency collection, the popularity of other NFTs has grown significantly during this period. The total market for unique tokens in August is expected to exceed $ 900 million, a new record for the industry. The previous record was set in May, when total NFT market sales reached $ 255 million. At that time, the digital currency market was witnessing new historical peaks in the prices of various digital currencies before it underwent several months of extensive reform.

The sudden entry of visas into the market for unparalleled tokens is still a big surprise, despite the company’s growing focus on digital currencies. Visa recently signed a contract with Zipmex Exchange to work with the exchange to set up an integrated system for digital currency payments in the Asia-Pacific region. In January of this year (December 1999), Visa reaffirmed its intention to support the digital asset class by facilitating payments and building a bridge between digital currencies and Fiat currencies.


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