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US demands that Serbia extradite a citizen of Serbia for digital currency fraud; Serbia accepted

Serbia has extradited to the United States a man accused of defrauding $ 70 million of investors in a Dallas federal court; Most of those deceived are residents of northern Texas, but citizens of other states are among them.

To Report US Department of Justice CoinDesk has claimed that the scam was a fraudulent way to raise capital by using binary options and extracting digital currency.

According to the US Department of Justice, the option of a double deal was advertised as “paying an average interest of 80% and promising to repay 20% for each failed transaction.” In a fraudulent advertisement on a digital currency extraction platform, he claimed that investors could buy bitcoin for “half the market price.”

Serbian authorities arrested the 32-year-old man, named Antonije Stojilkovic, in July last year, and were transferred to northern Texas last Thursday by US police. It is alleged that the man had five Serb accomplices and two American accomplices.

The US Department of Justice alleges that the defendants were involved in fraudulent transactions, withdrawals and receipts. Stojkovic and his accomplices face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.


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