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US Congressman: Digital currencies must be stopped

Brad Sherman, a Democrat in the US Congress, has said that he prefers people to buy lottery tickets instead of digital currencies. A staunch opponent of digital currencies, he said he hoped to prevent the spread of digital currencies in the United States.

to the the report During a June 30 meeting of the Congressional Financial Services Oversight Committee, U.S. Representative Brad Sherman called digital currencies “highly volatile.”

Sherman said:

Digital currencies are highly volatile. If someone retires at the age of 49 and saves $ 1 million, the Coin Bass exchange will pocket $ 1 million in compensation for the $ 100,000 loss of nine similar people. The millionaire says on TV that this [ارزهای دیجیتال] How amazing it is and [بعد از آن] The other nine retire without status and can receive medical care in return. I hope we stop them.

The California representative said people would rather try their luck in the stock market or participate in the California lottery.

He believes that the only use of digital currencies is to circumvent the KYC and tax evasion guidelines, and therefore digital currencies should be stopped.

Sherman said in this regard:

Digital currencies have the political backing of patriotic anarchists seeking to extend tax evasion. I hope we stop it.

At the beginning of his speech, Alexander Green, the representative of the state of Texas, pointed out the dangers that digital currencies pose to individuals and financial systems.

However, Minnesota State Representative Tom Emmer said digital currencies have made it easy for people to access financial services.

Emer said:

Technology reduces barriers to entry into the traditional financial system and makes it available to the public, no matter where they live, financial services are readily available to the public at low competitive rates, and digital currencies are no exception.


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