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Unprecedented tokens traded more than $ 2 billion a month

The monthly trading volume of Unpaid Tokens (NFT) has exceeded $ 2 billion and set a new record. Recent data show that the growing popularity of digital artwork has been one of the main reasons for the growth in trading volume in the past month.

to the Report “The Block” data show that the volume of transactions of unique tokens in July (July) was more than $ 300 million, and most of these transactions took place on the OpenSea platform. OpenC is a market for peer-to-peer tokens sponsored by Andreessen Horowitz, or “a16z”. OpenC had previously announced that it had raised $ 100 million in July.

However, this figure is not the highest recorded in the monthly trading volume. Unprecedented tokens traded around $ 315 million in March, most of them on the Nifty Gateway platform. The July figure is part of a collection of data that shows an increase in the volume of transactions of non-recurring tokens, especially works of art and collectibles, and images in “jpeg” format in general.

Unprecedented tokens traded more than $ 2 billion a month
Monthly transaction volume chart of unparalleled tokens

Unprecedented tokens traded up $ 2.3 billion in August, of which Open C accounted for $ 2.23 billion; This shows that Open C is the premier platform for buying and selling unique tokens.

Of course, the rapid success of OpenC has been fraught with problems. This morning, the OpenC website was taken down, which was accompanied by complaints from users on social networks. This is undoubtedly one of the side effects of the fact that unparalleled tokens are the mainstream of the digital currency industry this summer, and all eyes are on this particular part of the digital currency ecosystem.

Other markets also saw an increase in trading volume. The trading volume of the SuperRare platform in August was more than $ 23 million, which is an increase of $ 6 million compared to the previous month. Of course, the trading number of August (August) of this platform is still less than the historical peak of March (March). The volume of transactions in Nafti Gateway also increased from $ 7 million in July to $ 27.3 million in August, however, this figure is still less than the peak of $ 143.5 million per month. It is March.

Recent data show that most of the activities in August, especially in the last few days, were related to the transaction of counterfeit tokens for works of art and collectibles such as CryptoPunks and Art Blocks.

Unprecedented tokens traded more than $ 2 billion a month
Volume of weekly transactions of unparalleled tokens by works of art and video games

It is noteworthy that there is currently a high interest in non-proxy tokens and its profits go to platforms that provide non-proxy tokens trading services. Undoubtedly, one of these markets that has a significant income is the Open C platform. There is speculation as to whether the trading volume in the counterfeit tokens market has peaked or is on the rise, but we will leave it to digital currency activists on Twitter.

Bored Ape is another popular collection of unparalleled tokens that has caught the attention of Christie’s auction. Last week, NBA star Stephen Curry bought an unprecedented $ 180,000 token from the collection. It can be said that Board App currently has one of the hottest markets among other NFT series.

Mutants Apes is a mutant of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The series held an event in two parts earlier this week. At first, the public sale of the Miutent Ips collection was held, and in less than an hour, the Ethereum team received more than $ 90 million. The Yap Club board also donated serums to holders of the collection’s unique tokens, which create a mutated version of the same design when applied to a particular NFT.

Unprecedented tokens traded more than $ 2 billion a month
Image of a mutant token from the App Yach Club board collection

Simply put, this event represents the remarkable windfall capital that has accrued to the project and made the ecosystem of unique tokens very popular. The support team of the Yap Club and Mutant Eps board has announced its future plans for holders of unique tokens, and membership in the Yach Club is one of them, although it is not yet clear what the benefits of membership in this section are.

Last week saw a number of major news events in the space of unparalleled tokens, including the $ 16 million investment by startup Alethea AI, which seeks to bridge the gap between the world of artificial intelligence and the digital art space. .

Visa also made headlines with the purchase of one of CryptoPunks’ unique tokens, and it looks like the global payment services giant intends to become a major player in the field. The exact boundaries are not yet clear, but as payment companies use people’s interest in digital currencies as a way to start new businesses, Visa seems to be counting on the success of unparalleled tokens.

The news of the purchase of Visa caused a stir in the market, and after that, in just one hour, a $ 20 million purchase was made from the Cryptopanx collection.


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