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Unconfirmed rumors: Tesla is considering accepting other digital currencies

Following changes in the wording of Tesla’s website and Elon Musk’s comments, rumors spread that Tesla intended to accept other digital currencies as a method of payment in addition to bitcoin.

to the Report Cryptocurrency, Tesla announced yesterday that from now on, its customers can buy the company’s electric vehicles with Bitcoin. Tesla announced last month, while investing in the digital currency, that it was possible to buy its cars with Bitcoin.

Tesla had previously written in its bitcoin policy section:

Bitcoin is currently the only digital currency accepted by the company [تسلا] Is. It is not possible to buy with other digital assets, such as Bitcoin forks, such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Easy.

This section has now changed and by entering it you will see the following text:

Bitcoin is the only digital currency that Tesla accepts. We will not accept the transaction and most of your funds will be lost.

While some believe that Tesla’s move is a re-emphasis on the company that it has no interest in other digital currencies, others argue that the removal of the bitcoin cache and bitcoin is an indication that Tesla has a positive view of these digital currencies. .

Tesla has not yet made an official statement on the matter, making it difficult to determine the company’s intentions. Ilan Musk, meanwhile, commented on the bitcoin cache on Twitter at the same time as the change in Tesla’s policies.

In response to Kim Dotcom, Musk acknowledged that bitcoin cache transfer costs were low. .Dotcom tweeted that the average bitcoin cache fee is only $ 0.001. Musk responded to his tweet:

I agree.

These margins had little effect on the price of bitcoin cache. Shortly after Elon Musk tweeted, the price of Bitcoin Cash fell 8.8 percent from $ 506 to $ 461.

Bitcoin Cash Price Chart
Bitcoin Cash Price Chart

Since then, the price of Bitcoin Cash has largely recovered, trading in the $ 501 range.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that there is a possibility that other factors have contributed to the fall in the price of bitcoin cache. In any case, Musk’s tweets about the digital currency have sparked a flurry of attention and talk about it in cyberspace.


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