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Two unidentified whales took more than $ 1 billion in bitcoins out of a coin base exchange

Two large grain investors withdrew more than $ 1 billion in bitcoin from a coin-based exchange. This amount has been transferred to unknown destinations through several transactions. The identities of these investors are also unknown.

According to reports DecryptYesterday, 13,204 bitcoins were transferred from the coin base exchange to anonymous wallets. At current prices, this bitcoin is worth just over three-quarters of $ 1 billion. According to Whale Alert, a platform that monitors large movements of digital currencies, 36 separate transactions were made between 4 and 5 pm Tehran time, each worth between 351 and 391 bitcoins.

Will Alert previously announced on Twitter that 4,501 bitcoins had been transferred from Coin Base to an anonymous wallet. Over the past 48 hours, more than $ 1 billion in bitcoins have been withdrawn from the CoinBase exchange, although it is unclear whether the transfers were related.

This transfer can be an OTC transaction. The transaction may have been about a billionaire who transferred his assets to a cold wallet. Money laundering is another possibility attributed to these transactions. It is worth noting that identifying the intent and destination of these transactions is not an easy task. However, the transferor or transferees have followed the privacy tips well and created a new address for each transfer.

Two unidentified whales took more than $ 1 billion in bitcoins out of a coin base exchange

This is not the first time in the last month that large sums of money have been withdrawn from Coin Bass. On January 31, 15,200 bitcoins, valued at about $ 500 million at the time, were taken out of the Coinbase Pro. At the time, Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, attributed the transfer to the over-the-counter transactions of institutional investors, saying:

I believe this is the strongest bullish signal.

People who have been following the news of digital currency for the last two weeks know that Bitcoin has had a marginal month. Tesla first announced that it had bought $ 1.5 billion worth of bitcoins. Assuming Tesla has not sold its bitcoins yet, the company is making more profit from investing in bitcoins than it did last year.

BlackRock Capital Management has made another big move. Rick Rieder, chief investment officer at Black Rock, announced that the company plans to invest in Bitcoin with a portion of its $ 8.67 trillion worth of customer assets.

Black Rock is not the first capital management company to do so; Guggenheim has done this before. This month, the company’s chief investment officer raised his forecast for the Bitcoin price to $ 600,000. BNY Mellon, one of the oldest US banks, also announced last week that it would offer digital currency lending services to its customers. Finally, Micro Strategy CEO Michael Silver announced that the company intends to sell $ 1.05 billion in debt and buy bitcoin with the proceeds.


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