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Two bullish signs for Bitcoin!

After a long period of reform in the crypto market, Bitcoin has entered a period of recovery. Today we are witnessing a complete recovery of this currency and we see that once again, it has returned to the market even stronger than before!

This week, the price of bitcoin grew by 7% and stabilized at $ 11,000. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is about 11,000 US dollars.


Is this price increase and return real?

In fact, one can not be 100% sure about this price increase and its reality. Because, there are no principles to judge the increase and decrease of bitcoin value to this extent…

However, there are some bullish or bullish signs in the Bitcoin price chart that are not so worthless!

First, bitcoin is gradually taking on the color of “new gold”, and is emerging amid the suspicions that have gripped Wall Street… At the time, gold was in the same situation!

But the story of gold and Wall Street is a thing of the past. At the time, gold was a hedge against doubt, and investors turned to it in times of political and economic turmoil.

Two bullish signs for Bitcoin!

Now, bitcoin is replacing gold… and this is evident from the performance of bitcoin and gold over time.

For example, last week followed by concerns about The path of global interest rates and trade There was, gold and stocks fluctuated a lot (negatively), but in Bitcoin we saw a rise in prices.

Earlier this week, bitcoin rose about 14 percent and over the past 30 days nearly 23 percent. Meanwhile, the gold price of the SPDR Spider Fund has dropped by about 3%. Also, the gold price of the Spider Fund with the S&P 500 index decreased by 4% in five days and about 5% in 30 days.

Last week’s price list:

Two bullish signs for Bitcoin!

Last year, Bitcoin showed a similar pattern.

The price of bitcoin has risen despite the navigation rights challenge in the South China Sea and the North Korean leader aiming to fire missiles over Japan.

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