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Twitter CEO sold the first tweet in history as a token (NFT)

Jack Dorsey, CEO and creator of the social network Twitter, is set to sell the first tweet posted on the social network on the Valuables platform. Currently, the highest bid price for this tweet is $ 267,000.

to the the report CoinDesk, the latest bid to buy Jack Dorsey’s first tweet on Twitter, also the social network’s first tweet, is $ 267,000.

The Williams platform operates on the Ethereum platform and was developed by Cent. One of the unique features of Veliobels is the ability to sell tweets; Twitter users can sell it by making a signed copy of their tweets and converting it to an NFT token.

Twitter CEO sold the first tweet in history as a token (NFT)
Jack Dorsey tweets and price offer

Dorsey wrote in his first tweet, March 22, 2006:

Under construction right now [حساب] I’m on Twitter.

Dorsey is a fan of Bitcoin and has taken various actions in this area. Cash App is a Square project that allows users to purchase digital currencies. Dorsey has also invested in Lightning Labs. Lightning Labs is a second-tier solution to the Bitcoin network, with the goal of increasing network scalability.

This is the first time Dorsey has shown any interest in the Ethereum network. Some believe that the boom in the field of unparalleled tokens and Square’s recent decision to buy the Tidal music platform are linked. Dorsey, meanwhile, recently partnered with rapper Jay-Z to help plan for more bitcoin development in India and Africa.

Now, with the recent move by Jack Dorsey and the sale of Twitter’s first tweet, there is a possibility that the fire of unparalleled tokens will become even hotter.


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