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Twitter CEO launched his Ninety Bitcoins

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and a staunch supporter of digital currencies and the Blockchain, tweeted that he had started working on the Bitcoin network as a ninety-something.

To Report Cryptopotito, a course that previously added the ability to send and receive bitcoins to its proprietary app, Cashapp, and recently announced plans to develop an open, decentralized standard for social media, is now installing bitcoin software. Coin has taken another big step in supporting this network.

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It is worth mentioning that Dorsey announced in a tweet a few hours ago that he has launched a ninety bitcoin.

Ninety Jack Dorsey
An image shared by Jack Dorsey on Twitter

In Dorsey’s tweet, the phrase “Running #Bitcoin” [شبکه] Bitcoin) with an image showing the process of synchronizing a node with the Bitcoin blockchain.

In the Bitcoin blockchain, each node must load all previously approved transactions to synchronize with the other nodes. Once the upload process is complete, the node can access the bitcoin blockchain and verify transactions.

Although setting up bitcoin nodes is not as rewarding as mining, it does make bitcoin blockchain more resilient and stable. In addition, nodes involve unreliable transactions; Because with their help, the status of Bitcoin headquarters can be monitored and their accuracy can be verified.

Umbrel, one of the companies operating in the Bitcoin node service, asked Dorsey in a tweet whether he would like to launch a node on a Raspberry Pi board, to which Dorsey replied. :

It is currently running 90 on an M1 computer.

Jack Dorsey has repeatedly spoken out in favor of Bitcoin, even calling it the best native currency for the Internet and the future of Twitter.

He told the Oslo Freedom Forum last year:

Blockchain and Bitcoin aim for a future and a world in which content stays forever, does not disappear, and stays forever on every ninety units connected to the blockchain.

He has also previously called on his followers to donate bitcoins to the Nigerian Anti-Theft Special Movement (End SARS).

Despite open support for Bitcoin, Dorsey believes that there are still major obstacles to the scalability and widespread acceptance of this digital currency.

He has said elsewhere:

We need to develop bitcoin in a way that is as understandable, fast, and efficient as it is today, and prove that it can go even further.


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