Traffic Sources That Converts For eCommerce.

Traffic Sources That Converts For eCommerce.

Creating an e-commerce website is practically effortless; you can do that with the help of WordPress or Shopify. However, products on your store won’t sell themselves; you need people from various parts of the world to patronize your store. Then, the need for traffic comes into play here.

In this article, you will find viable options for traffic for your e-commerce solution and how they convert.

What is eCommerce traffic?

What is e-commerce traffic?

Traffic is having people visit your website from various parts of the country or specific location targeted. E-commerce traffic is a type that you need to create awareness and convince people to buy your solutions.

There are two types of traffic here, and they are; Paid and Free.

Paid Traffic or Paid Promotion

Paid promotion a process that involves you paying platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or paying influencers to promote your store, in turn, to get targeted and quality traffic.

Paying influencers or platforms, you should know what you are doing; you will need to the knowledge of social media marketing else, you hire a professional to do it for you.

Hiring a professional helps you save time and stress while you focus on other essential parts of your business or life goals.

You can find professional help through Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. All these freelancing platforms offer cheap social media consultants. If, however, you don’t feel comfortable with these platforms, you will need to get contact a physical SMM agency. They are faster and cheaper.

Free Traffic or Organic Traffic

Paid promotion can be expensive sometimes, and you may have zero capital in the budget for it. However, free traffic won’t always take away paid advertising for big and small brands looking for targeted and quick sales.

It is also surprising that traffic from free sources to your e-commerce website is proved to be effective.

There are over 100 ways to drive this free web traffic, but I will get to discuss only the most important and useful methods. These methods are working as of the time of writing this article, and I’m sure they will remain relevant when you read it. Starting with Free Sources


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a practice that all webmasters use to drive Organic traffic from Google. These kinds of traffic are single convert to sales easily. The reason why they convert is that people from search engines are always ready to buy but based on the type of keywords you target.

Keywords are the phrases people put in the search bar to look for a solution to their problem or satisfy their needs.

To make your site SEO ready, you will need to allow search engines to be able to access your site and index them to display for users. How you do that is quite simple and direct.

Submit your sites like Google, Bing, and Yandex. When you do this, you are giving them access to index the indexable part of your store.

You don’t want them to put your frontend info for people to see, such as login page, and credentials that make it convenient for you to log in o your back end.

They have derived a means for you to block those paths from Google or any search engine. It with the help of a file called robots.txt. The data is uploaded to your site’s root directory and configured to allow or disallow search engines to access your website and index them.

SEO doesn’t stop at just indexing your website; you need to follow some due process for each product or article you publish that related your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research


Keyword research is the fundamental step to knowing if your site will get organic traffic from search engines or not. Keyword has search volume, specific targeting, intent, and qualifications.

Some keywords can only drive traffic, and nobody gets to buy the product because the intention doesn’t match the problem the user is searching to solve.

Whereas some keywords can give you conversion because they match the intent of the user, thereby you increase your sales overall.

There are two types of keywords we have

Longtail Keywords: characteristics of these keywords are; Low search volume, High intent, it contains three words or less, and low competition.

Longtail Keywords convert much better, and one can rank them fast on Google because the masses pay attention to them less, and people who click through from search engines either have intent to buy or download something.

Example; Best gaming laptops in 2020 to buy

The buyer there has qualified the keyword; The user is likely to purchase a laptop from your store provided that you match the user intent.

Short tail keywords

These are traffic keywords; they are not easy to rank and usually have crazy high search volumes.

These type of keywords takes time to convert because they don’t have a specific intent. Short tail keywords are often generalized topics.

Lit could take you to say, up 12 months to rank unless you have a good SEO strategy in play.

I strongly don’t recommend this type of keywords for e-commerce business, targeting keywords with higher intent is far better than focusing on a primary topic.


Now, your keyword research is not complete without the analysis of your competitors on the first page of your target search engine, say Google.

You want to check all their metrics thoroughly, can make the 10 ten results?

What article should you write? Well, your items should not be one thing you should look into alone. Other things include;

Linking in domain: How many areas are tying into each article, and what is the minimum?

Web page Authority: What is their authority? This can be Domain rating through ahrefs or Moz DA/PA metrics. Knowing this will help you understand your stand in the competition.

Content Gap and Quality: Will your content stand out?

You will need to scan throughput and study each content that your competitors are ranking. Check the common word and how unique they address this topic and write your content or hire someone to do it for you. Whatever you do, write for humans and not search engines.

You can do all of this research manually; it will take much of your time. However, there are a handful of tools that can get you these metrics with a few clicks. Tools such as semrush, ahrefs, keyword everywhere.

Website Architecture

How your website looks and its speed matters for conversion and indexing on Google.

Wrong website architecture can be ignored due to bad experience in code or arrangement.

What consists of Web Architecture of Your Website?

Web Architecture - Best cryptocurrency

Content, if your content is not well arranged using headings and bullet lists, search engines will find it difficult to understand what message you are trying to pass or description of your products.

A well-optimized property will contain visual content (image and videos).

Learn more about web and content architecture.


Email Marketing

Web Architecture - Best cryptocurrency

Email marketing has been here for many years and will be here for as long as emails still exist.

Email addresses can be in use for over five years, even more than that, so it makes email marketing the best way to drive traffic to your website.

How do you get emails?

Well, right questions because nobody will just come to you and say here, take my email and send me whatever you want.

You need to make them drop it willingly by creating an offer.

Offer such as giveaway or products for the price of cents.

Once they opt into your list, you can now start segmentation, which involves you to discern who are the buyers and those who are not ready to deep hands into the pocket here.

However, to make that easy for you, passing them through a tunnel will help you reduce the stress, and you can start generating revenue in a matter of days or weeks from the email list. Clickfunnels is precisely what you need.

Learn email marketing, and thank me later.


Paid Source of Traffic

Paid traffic works like direct marketing because your ads copy has to persuasive to gain traffic. Not only that, your text must speak volumes and match the particular audience that you need. Everyone on social media can not be your target audience. There is a segment of people who are interested in purchasing online while there are many not interested.

Nobody goes online prepared with their credit card to buy something. No, they are there for fun and them cold to anything buying.

What you do is, you use ad copies to get their attention and then take them from cold to hot and ready to buy list.

Let us get to see various platforms you can use to get traffic to your store.


Google Ads

Good Ads - Best cryptocurrency

Most people don’t go with this because it is expensive but let me tell you what. This is where your customers are.

Yes, the audience from Google consists of ready buyers who are begging to get their card used on platforms. But you need to study the audience and get your ads displayed to the right audience.


Google ads target two areas;

Google AdWords Campaign: With this ad tool, you target people from the search engines who are using Keywords to search for an item. You do Keyword research using their Keyword planner and then publish your ads when you are ready to do so.

Below is how the ads appear, thereby targeting the audience if their choice.

Google AdSense Advertiser: You see this particular one; it is the holy grail. Most advertising agencies go with this because you get to display them on millions of websites. Most of the time, when you pay a visit to a website, there are beautiful ads shown all over on the sidebar, in content, and floating.

You can either learn how to use Google ads tools using Udemy or hire professional help from agencies online.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads- Best cryptocurrency

Unlike Google Adsense, Facebook Advertising is way different in the sense that you laser target part of over 2 Billion people on Facebook. They allow you to target from age to work ethic and types of device persons use.

So, you can easily target Facebook audiences who are using Android devices; they like Wizkid and many things.

Facebook allows you to know your audience and place your ad copy in front of them whenever they come online.

Facebook also allows you to target users who are on Facebook that visited your site. It is made possible with the help of

Learning Facebook Advertising is cheap, in the sense that you can get tutorials from YouTube and learn with it.

You could learn from professionals who have been in the game for many years.

Trust me; if you are going to figure it out on your own, you will spend on ads wasteful.

Another alternative is to hire an agency or a pro.


Sponsored Contents.

Sponsored posts are promoted on blogs and as of press releases. Blogs gain traffic from search engines and direct visitors. It can mean only one thing, people who go there are in search of a product or want to purchase one.

All you have to do is, get these blogs to write reviews for your e-commerce website and then pay them to publish it.

The mistake you will not want to make is publishing randomly on any niche possible—target niches like entertainment, spars, beauty, and fashion blogs.

Any traffic from this angle is going to convert even better.


I’ve shown primary methods to generate traffic to your e-commerce store anywhere in the world. Now it’s your turn to choose one way and focus on it until you are successful in doing it.

If I were you, I will go with SEO at first and make sure I’m generating the right amount of traffic before trying paid advertising. It is suitable for those with a low budget and also saves you money.

Choose what’s right for you and nail it before switching to another alternative.

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