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Tim Draper: Netflix could be the next company to buy bitcoin

Well-known investor Tim Draper believes that among large corporations, Netflix is ​​more likely to be the next company to put bitcoin on its balance sheet.

to the the report Coin Telegraph, the team of the famous billionaire Draper, says that among the companies on the Fortune 100 list, Netflix is ​​more likely to buy bitcoins. He also believes that Amazon has to accept bitcoin.

The Draper team, which appeared on the Unstoppable Podcast on February 28, predicted that of all the possible candidates, it thinks it is Netflix that will put bitcoin on its balance sheet. Draper is a well-known investor and a bitcoin handler.

“Draper,” he said.

Do you know which company might be the next option? [برای خرید بیت کوین] Is it? Netflix.

He added:

I think Reed Hastings is a very innovative and creative person. I think he still has control of Netflix, so I think the next big company to turn to Bitcoin is Netflix.

This forecast is made while there are clear signs of institutional purchases at current prices. Over the past week, at $ 48,000, several large transactions have taken place on Coinbase Pro. Buyers such as MicroStrategy and Square have added to their bitcoin inventory in this price range.

Tim Draper: Netflix could be the next company to buy bitcoin
Coin Bass Output Chart

Draper, who has always been optimistic about bitcoin, also said that Amazon will add a direct payment option with bitcoin in the future.

“Consumers have been able to use bitcoin indirectly to buy products for many years,” he said.

Amazon will probably start accepting bitcoins soon.

Amazon added Ethereum to its managed blockchain this week.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin changed its position on Wednesday from the $ 40,000 channel and reached $ 5,800, which is the highest price since February 25 (March 7).

Last night, Scott Melker, the famous trader, wrote the phrase “well done” on his Twitter account, describing the bitcoin situation as follows:

The price of Bitcoin came out of the two patterns of rising flag and falling channel. It is also currently trading above the 50% correction level. So if Bitcoin stays above $ 50,600, we will see a bull market. Let’s keep moving.

Experts have previously cited the dollar slump as an accelerating factor for short-term gains.

At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is falling back to the $ 40,000 channel and is trading at around $ 49,150.


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