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Theron is the next victim of the US Stock Exchange Commission? Justin Sun denied

With the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suing Ripple, some speculation suggests that Teter, Chainlink, Baines Quinn and Theron are the commission’s next targets for sanctions and legal action. However, Justin Sun, the founder of Theron, strongly denies the rumors.

To Report Cryptonewsflash, Justin Sun on Twitter, referred to the rumors, saying that there is no judicial investigation by the Chinese government or the United States into Theron, BitTorrent, the Theron Foundation, himself and Theron partners.

In his statement, Sun referred to Theron as a decentralized network with “18 million accounts” and “27 senior representatives” and said that Theron’s model of governance and operations is such that no entity or individual can take control of the network. Explaining his speech, he added:

Neither the Theron Foundation nor any of the administrators (myself included) nor any of the credentials can take control of the network and tell who uses the network or how the tokens are traded. Theron Foundation [تنها] Is one of the participants in the network.

The Sun went on to say that there is no centralized network or a specific weakness in the network that one can use to disrupt the system. According to many, Sun’s remarks may be a response to Adam Cochran’s remarks.

According to Cochran, senior executives at Cenneamhain, the US Securities and Exchange Commission is likely to sue Theron for collaborating with US companies BitTorrent and Polonix. Kochran claims that after Sun invested in Polonix, products were offered that made it possible to trade by leverage and deposit and withdraw more than $ 10,000. In addition, Polonix Exchange has added a wide range of TRC20‌-based tokens to its platform.

In another part of his speech, Kochran said that most of the BitTorrent operations still take place in San Francisco. He also said that Sun frequently travels to the United States and the headquarters of BitTorrent in that country; Therefore, if it is proven that Polonix has users in the United States, the US authorities can use the same method for Polonix as they used to deal with BitMEX. The nomads said about this:

It is not clear exactly what research [قضایی] It’s going on, but based on some of the rumors and information that has been circulated, it makes sense that Throne should be on the radar of lawmakers more than they think.

It should not be forgotten that the nomads have been conservative in their claims. He said in part that the allegations still needed strong evidence for a judicial investigation. Cochran believes there is nothing in common to compare the Ripple-Theron case.

In response to Cochran’s remarks, Justin Sun said that efforts to curb misinformation should be intensified. He went on to say that he was aware of the need to answer “important” questions and promised to be as transparent as possible.


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