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The US tax agency hires a hacker to crack the password of Bitcoin wallets

The US Tax Administration (IRS) is looking to hire professionals who can break into digital currency wallets.

to the the report While digital currency holders are transferring their assets to hardware wallets, the US tax authorities have not given up and are looking for action.

According to a report on the VICE website, the executive branch of the US Tax Administration, which is responsible for collecting taxes, is hiring contractors who can penetrate digital currency wallets. Of course, according to this report, these hackers are to be used only in special circumstances; For example, when access to a wallet is required to conduct tax audits or financial offenses.

A document released by the organization’s criminal investigation department states that the institution’s inability to break the “cryptographic riddle” makes it difficult to track and recover funds. This document states:

The characteristics of anonymity and decentralization in digital currencies have provided the conditions for storing and exchanging valuable assets outside the control of relevant organizations. There is something in this cryptocurrency that still escapes the clutches of government agencies; Millions, or even billions of dollars, are stored in digital currency wallets.

The US Tax Administration is looking for people who can develop a legal research tool to infiltrate digital currency wallets. The following is the document:

The clear conclusion of this agreement is that it combines cybersecurity research with legislation in the field of digital concepts. This research can be done and followed up in digital concept legislative laboratories.

However, security researchers seem to agree that hardware wallets are not vulnerable to hacking and cannot be easily compromised. This means that the efforts of the US Tax Administration will most likely be in vain for these wallets.


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