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The US Stock Exchange Commission is investigating Uniswap

Recent reports indicate that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a decentralized Uniswap exchange. A Uniswap spokesman said they would work with lawmakers if necessary.

to the Report The Block, The Wall Street Journal, published a report Friday, citing “informed sources,” claiming that U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawyers are seeking information on how investors use Uniswap and the decentralized exchange’s marketing methods.

The US Stock Exchange Commission is investigating Uniswap
Chart of trading volume of decentralized exchanges

Gary Gensler, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, said last month that the government could oversee decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. Gencler said at the time that in particular those decentralized finance projects that reward their users with valuable tokens or similar incentives could be monitored, regardless of how decentralized they were.

A spokesman for Uniswap told the Wall Street Journal:

Our company is committed to complying with the laws and regulations governing this industry [خود را موظف می‌داند تا] Provide them with the information they need to investigate oversight bodies.

A spokesman for the stock exchange commission declined to comment on the matter, saying the government did not reject or approve the investigation into Uniswap.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the investigation appears to be in its infancy and may not ultimately lead to the commission’s official allegation of ion-swap infringement.


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