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The US senator called for the amendment of the bill on taxation of digital currencies

Pat Tommy, a Republican in the US Senate, has said that the digital currency tax clause in the new US Senate bill is unenforceable and has promised to amend it.

to the Report Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, CoinDesk, said the digital currency tax clause in the Senate Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment Bill is unenforceable and needs to be amended.

Tommy said the bill’s definition of “broker” is too broad and affects groups such as bitcoin miners, who do not provide financial services. The Republican senator believes that groups that do not provide financial services should not be taxed. Tommy says companies that provide non-custodial services face many challenges in submitting correct identification forms to the US Internal Revenue Service.

Insecure platforms are programs such as software wallets that give users complete control over their assets.

“Tommy said in a press release:

Congress should not proceed with this hastily designed tax reporting mechanism for digital currencies, especially if it does not fully understand the consequences.

Tommy has promised to amend the bill. According to an informed source, he is seeking the participation of a Democratic senator to amend the plan.

A statement issued by the Republican senator, who serves as a senior member of the Senate Banking Committee, outlined the salient obstacles to the bill. The U.S. Senate has budgeted $ 1 trillion to fund the $ 28 billion tax on digital currency transactions.


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