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The US infrastructure bill will be put to a vote in Congress this week

Senior US Senator Nancy Pelosi has announced that the US Infrastructure Bill will be put to a vote in the Senate this week. The bill had previously been approved by the US House of Representatives.

to the Report “The Telegraph and Reuters quoted Pelosi as saying on Sunday:

Let me just say that this bill is going to be approved this week.

He had previously said that he would not put the bill to a vote until he was sure it would be passed.

He announced that the $ 1 trillion bill would be put to a vote in the House of Representatives on September 30. The approval or disapproval of this controversial bill, which is supported by both parties, will be announced on this day.

Pelosi noted:

We will discuss the framework of the infrastructure bill on September 27 and vote on it on September 30.

Although the law was passed in the Senate on August 10 with the support of both parties, the bill requires decentralized network validators and software developers to report to the relevant institutions, provided they have the necessary information. They do not have the requirements to implement them. In this regard, Senator Pat Tommy proposed an amendment to it.

According to this amendment, validators, developers and nodes are exempt from this law. Cynthia Lumis, Rob Portman, Mark Warner, Kisten Cinema and Ron Weiden have all supported the amendment. Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby opposed the proposed amendment. His opposition sparked a flurry of criticism and outrage among digital currency users.

However, some lawmakers oppose the infrastructure investment bill. They say the bill should be postponed until negotiations on a $ 3.5 trillion bill on social welfare and climate change are completed.

The second bill has caused concern among Democratic senators; However, Pelosi confidently stated that some changes could be made to the amount of the bill. He said in this regard:

Currently, we, the Senate and the White House are working together to change this historic law. The Senate and the President have sent us $ 3.5 trillion. Obviously, this number must change with negotiation. This change should be implemented as soon as possible so that we can reach a mutual agreement and reach other tasks.


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