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The US government will auction 0.75 bitcoins next week

US federal officials are set to auction 0.7501 bitcoins at an auction next week. This auction is very small compared to previous auctions.

to the the report “The Block” It is not yet clear how this 0.7501 bitcoin was obtained and why it was auctioned. At such auctions, office equipment, furniture, automobiles, laboratory equipment, and heavy machinery are usually sold, and the presence of bitcoins among these devices is considered a strange coincidence.

The auction, with a base price of $ 25,000, will begin March 15 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bidders are required to complete a “Confirmation of Sale Assignment Form”. This form proves that the person in question is not an employee of the US Department of Justice. On the other hand, a person from whom a bitcoin has been received cannot participate in this auction. Another form that participants must complete is “Bitcoin End User Verification”; In this form, the participant must enter information such as name, social security number, bitcoin wallet address and other personal information. The final amount will be transferred on March 19 (March 29) via interbank transfer.


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