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The US government is awarding $ 10 million in digital currency to track down cybercriminals

The State Department plans to identify cybercriminals backed by other countries by paying multimillion-dollar rewards to white hat hackers. These bonuses are to be paid in digital currency.

to the Report US Secretary of State Crypto Potito is working to end cybercrime by adding a new initiative to the Rewards for Justice program. As a result, it will reward up to $ 10 million in digital currency to anyone who can provide information to identify hackers backed by other governments.

Rewards for Justice is a US Department of State program that rewards anyone who provides useful information about security measures against the United States.

Last week, a group of hackers and cybersecurity experts attended the famous Black Hat Briefings conference. The State Department promoted the program through QR codes printed on brochures and T-shirts. The conference participants were scanned and directed to the Rewards for Justice page, which contains all the necessary information about this reward.

Participants can access the Rewards Channel for Justice through the TOR. A tour is a browser that allows you to research and communicate anonymously. State Department officials believe that the Dark Web and modern technologies such as digital currencies and the Blockchain are good tools for communicating with white hat hackers.

A State Department official told CNN in an interview:

Dark Web provides anonymity and basic levels of security that may be more appropriate for these groups. So I think finding and accessing people using technologies that they are more comfortable with is the main goal of the Rewards for Justice program.

One month ago, following Biden’s decision, the State Department quietly announced that it was time to strengthen the country’s cyber security.

The US government has accused Russian and Chinese officials of using hackers to infiltrate several US government agencies and ministries. The difference is that four decades after the launch of the Rewards for Justice program, participants now have the opportunity to receive their rewards in digital currency.

The State Department official added:

We will make it possible to deposit money electronically, we can still deliver luggage full of money and we will deliver, [البته] We can also offer non-cash rewards. Now, however, the rewarder can choose any digital currency he or she likes.

State Department officials did not mention what other uses the government intends for digital currencies. However, they have made it clear that the Biden government is reluctant to track digital currency transactions due to cybersecurity issues. Earlier, the FBI was able to track digital currency transactions in a similar move when it recovered more than $ 2.1 million in bitcoins owed by US oil giant Colonial Pipline as ransom.

The Biden administration, with its support for Senator Warner’s amendment, wants to impose stricter regulations on digital currencies that will be more damaging than the solutions in the Infrastructure Investment Bill recently passed by the Senate.

Although Warner and several other Democratic senators, including Cynthia Lumis and Pat Toomey, worked together to come up with a new amendment, the plan failed because of strong opposition from Sen. Richard Shelby.


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