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The US Department of Justice is investigating Tetra Bank fraud; Tetr denied

In a new report, Bloomberg claims that the US Department of Justice is launching an investigation into Tetra bank fraud. In a statement following the news, Teter described the Bloomberg report as referring again to “old” news to attract “clicks”.

to the Report CoinDesk, Bloomberg, quoted intelligence sources as saying that the US Department of Justice had launched an investigation into bank fraud crimes committed by Teter executives.

Following the news, the price of Bitcoin dropped by $ 1,000. Teter, meanwhile, is no stranger to bank charges. Teter, which is responsible for launching the USDT, the market’s largest stable coin, has been facing such allegations for years.

Earlier this year, Tetra and its affiliate, Bitfinex, agreed to pay $ 1 billion in damages to a New York prosecutor’s investigation.

In the text of the agreement, the New York prosecutor states that Teter used the services of several banks, but some of them, such as Wells Fargo, were suspended for unknown reasons.

Bloomberg had previously reported in 2018 that the US Department of Justice was investigating whether Tetra and Bit Phoenix had pumped the price of bitcoin.

Teter wrote in a statement after the recent Bloomberg report:

In Tetr, as part of our commitment to cooperation, transparency and accountability, we regularly and freely discuss with law enforcement agencies, including the US Department of Justice.


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