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The trial version of the MobileQueen service was implemented in signal messengers

The encrypted signal messenger service has provided limited peer-to-peer covert payments for some of its users. Payments in the payment system are made using Mobile Coin Digital Currency (MOB).

to the Report The Block, Signal Messenger, announced in a blog post that it has added a payment protocol to its software that has a private payment network with its own digital currency.

Signal wrote in this post:

We want payments to be in a fast and private signal and to work well on mobile devices. The first payment protocol we’ve added to support is a privacy-focused payment network called MobileCoin, which has its own currency called MOB.

In a statement, Signal described the feature as a “beta feature in a beta build.” However, this represents a significant improvement for the popular software maker.

The new merger comes just weeks after MobileQueen, backed by Future Ventures and General Catalyst, raised more than $ 11 million in the first phase of the fundraiser. Signal maker Moxie Marlinspike is the project consultant.

Signal users can use the new feature called “Signal Payments” to send and receive funds, be informed of their balance and check the history of transactions. The signal will not have access to any transaction information. Users can transfer their inventory whenever they want to switch to another software or service.

Currently, only English users have access to this feature; But the Signal team says it intends to expand the beta with more feedback.

The MOB digital currency is currently trading at around $ 66 at the FTX digital currency exchange and has grown by more than 15% in the last 24 hours.


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