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The text of the bill of the controversial representative of Paraguay was leaked; There is no news of accepting bitcoins!

The text of the bill presented by a member of the Paraguayan parliament, who promised to introduce bitcoins and digital currencies into the country’s economy, was leaked hours before the official unveiling. Instead of addressing the issue of bitcoin acceptance, the bill is more about digital currency extraction and exchange activities.

to the the report Crypto News The idea for the bill came from Carlos Rejala, a representative of the Hagamos opposition minority party in the Paraguayan parliament. He has not yet commented on the leak.

After El Salvador’s Vice President Buckle announced his intention to introduce bitcoin as the country’s legal tender alongside the dollar, the Paraguayan parliamentarian announced that he was drafting a similar law to accept bitcoin.

Earlier this month, Rakhala again referred to the bill after gaining the support of Liberal Radical Party senator Fernando Silva Facetti.

The leaked file was co-authored by another man, Fernando Arriola, who appears to be one of the directors of BC Mining. The bill is also said to be backed by a group of Blockchain companies called the Fintech Paraguay Office.

Instead of addressing the issue of accepting bitcoin as a legal currency, as in El Salvador, the text of the bill focuses on issues such as extracting digital currency and legalizing it in Paraguay using a mining licensing and taxation system. .

The draft bill includes a number of clauses that address issues such as combating money laundering using digital currencies and regulating the activities of exchange offices. There is a clause in the bill that proposes that digital currency transactions be made completely legal and free. However, the bill makes no direct reference to bitcoin or other digital currencies.

In the first tweet, Rakhala specifically mentioned bitcoin. Late last week, he tweeted about the draft bitcoin acceptance bill, specifically mentioning the digital currency.

The name of Fernando Facchetti was not included in the list of those involved in the bill. However, if the bill is the same as the original version, it must first pass the parliamentary committee review stage and be put to a vote in parliament before being presented to the Senate, where the Hagamos party has only two representatives.

Rajala had previously promised a “big surprise for Paraguay and the world” and said that “a big event” was on the way.


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