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The task of Iranian digital currency exchanges will be determined by the end of April

According to Arzdigital and quoted by IBNA, during the meeting of the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones with the Governor of the Central Bank, it was decided regarding the “currency code” until the end of April, after finalizing and approving the bylaws. Notice the establishment of digital exchange offices in the regions.

The allocation of at least 50% of the deposits of each of the banks located in the free zones to finance the production units and economic actors of the same zone was one of the most important agreements reached at the meeting of the President Advisor and the Secretary of the Supreme Council and Governor of the Central Bank. In order to carry out the orders of the Supreme Leader to fulfill the slogan of 1400, “Production; Agreements, Barriers ”Agreements were reached to support and financially support the economic actors of the free and special economic zones.

The reform of the “foreign exchange liability” procedure in the special zones with the aim of facilitating, accelerating and disrupting the activities of economic actors in the zones was one of the other issues raised at the meeting, which was decided; In order to reduce bureaucracy, reduce the steps of foreign exchange commitment, reduce time and costs for activists, foreign exchange commitment documents should be submitted directly to the operating bank after the approval of the relevant regional organization.

Also regarding “allocation and supply of foreign exchange” for the activities of production units and traders, in this meeting it was decided to make the necessary coordination between the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones and the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and the Secretariat of the Supreme Council to remove obstacles. Announce the areas to this ministry.

Coordination to provide the necessary guarantees for the use of foreign funds was another issue raised at the meeting. Other issues raised at the meeting were the amendment to the establishment of the Off-Shore Bank in order to encourage domestic and foreign investors to establish these banks and the issuance of a “license to establish a digital exchange / cryptocurrency exchange in free zones.”

At this meeting, it was deemed necessary to consider special conditions for the free zones through the Central Bank in order to establish an offshore bank.


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