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The Spanish football club has signed a contract with its new player in digital currencies

A Spanish football club has hired a professional footballer for the first time to pay for digital currencies. The amount of the contract and the type of digital currency paid to David Barral, two former Real Madrid and Levante players, is unknown.

To Report Former Real Madrid, Apoel Cyprus and Sporting Gijon striker David Barral, who has also played in the professional leagues of Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus, has been transferred to a Spanish second division side with a contract with Cryptonews. Completely paid through digital currencies.

Inter Madrid, Baral’s new team, announced in a Twitter message that the amount of his contract was paid through Criptan.

The amount of the contract and the type of digital currency intended to be paid to Baral have not been disclosed. This player has joined his new team as a free agent.

David Bara
David Bara

It should not be forgotten that the first contract of a football player through digital currencies was related to the transfer of عمرmer Faruk, a Turkish footballer, to Harunustaspor Amateur Club in 2018, with only a bitcoin worth US $ 521. Done. The club’s manager at the time confirmed that the move was made solely to promote the club’s name in the media.

The signing of this contract caused the name of Aaron Avesta to be mentioned in several media. These media outlets thought that this club was a professional club.


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