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The second round of protests by the people of El Salvador; Bitcoin and Buckle are their problem!

In the second round of protests in El Salvador, the people of the country took to the streets again on Sunday, expressing their dissatisfaction with Najib Bukleh and the acceptance of bitcoin as legal tender.

to the Report Reuters, Buckle called himself “Emperor of El Salvador” on Twitter after the protests escalated and in response to the protests. Local media estimate that at least 4,000 citizens of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, took part in the protests.

Protesters carried placards urging judges in the El Salvador Supreme Court to oust Buckle. People are protesting against Buckle’s intention to reappoint himself as president and accept bitcoin as a legal tender.

The second round of protests by the people of El Salvador;  Bitcoin and Buckle are their problem!

Buckle also introduced himself as the “dictator of El Salvador” on Twitter last month.

One of the protesters held a banner that read, “What does El Salvador want?” “Get rid of the dictator.” Some people set fire to an image in the main square of the capital, which is said to be the image of Buckle.

This is El Salvador’s second largest protest in a month. Last month’s protests also centered on bitcoin and its legalization as a form of official payment.

In May, the El Salvador Congress, the majority of which was in the hands of the New Idea Party (the pro-Buckle Party), voted to oust the judges of the Constitutional Court of the Supreme Court. The then prosecutor of Al-Sawador was among those who were fired. The move was met with widespread protests by international rights groups and the US government.

After the Supreme Court ruled that Buckle could run for a second term, the United States declared it unconstitutional in El Salvador.

Rosa Gradados, a member of the El Salvador trade union who took part in the protests, said:

All our rights are being destroyed; Because no one respects it today. Everything that is done here is a noble wish! If he raises his hand, all the opponents will approve it and no law will be respected.

Buckle, who has a strong presence on social media, described the protests on Twitter as a “failure.” He wrote in his tweet:

March [آنها] It’s a failure, and they know it. No one here believes them anymore.


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