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The rules of being a Hoodler; Are you a Hoodler?

Do you consider yourself a real Hoodler? You will find out after reading this article.

In late 2013, after the price of Bitcoin reached $ 1,000 for the first time in history, a sharp downward trend began in the market and worried all investors who bought bitcoins at the peak. Meanwhile, in the Bitcoin online community (Bitcointalk), which is one of the first associations of the Bitcoin community, the headline one Post “I AM HODLING” attracted attention.

The rules of being a Hoodler;  Are you a Hoodler?
The famous post that coined the term “hoodle”.

The GameKyuubi user, who admits to being drunk at the time of writing the post, never imagined that with this spelling mistake (instead of writing Holding meaning to hold and not sell) he would make up one of the most enduring terms in the world of bitcoin and digital currencies, and even Make it a special style in the digital currency market.

This phenomenon has become so deep in the world of digital currencies that there is a manifesto (absolute rules) for it. Brenden Matthews, with the help of key members of the Bitcoin community, at Website The HODLer Manifesto has written the rules of being a Hodler. According to him, anyone who does not follow these rules is not a “real” Huddler.

Although these rules may seem a bit strict, reading them can provide insight into long-term investment. Read the translation of the Hoodler Manifesto below.

The rules of a hoodler

Rule # 1: A real hoodler does not sell his currencies

The rules of being a Hoodler;  Are you a Hoodler?

The first and most important rule of Hoodler’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s قانون……………… A Huddler may spend his currencies (see Rule 5) but does not sell them. Only weak people sell their currencies and they soon regret it.

Rule # 2: A real hoodler buys at the floor price

A hodler buys more if the value of his currencies falls against the national currency; Provided that it has the necessary conditions to do so. Under no circumstances does a hoodler sell his currencies for fear of falling prices. The only reason a hoodler does not regularly buy at the floor is because he has already invested.

Rule # 3: A Real Hoodler Stays Firm Against Fear of Falling Prices

As a hoodler, you will continue to hoodle in any situation, whether the news that China has once again banned your currency, or that your favorite exchange has been hacked. A Hoodler goes his own way, no matter who is sowing the seeds of despair, fear and uncertainty. Ignore the news. Keep in mind that negative people are usually the ones who suffer from the success of your currency and hate hoodlers because the price of their currency goes up so much.

Rule # 4: A real hoodler does not keep his currencies in online wallets and exchanges

The rules of being a Hoodler;  Are you a Hoodler?

No exchange office or online wallet is safe from rogue employees, security mistakes and simple misconduct. Instead of trusting third parties to secure or keep safe, a hoodler puts his currencies in his wallet. [معتبر]Holds paper or hardware. A hoodler always controls his own personal keys.

Rule # 5: A real hoodler buys goods and services with his own currencies

If you want to spend your currencies, look for sellers who will accept your currencies directly instead of selling or using Fiat currency-based communication channels (such as Visa prepaid cards). By spending your currencies, you contribute to the ecosystem of your like-minded Hoodlers. Do not be extravagant, because in this case, it will not take long for you to have no currency to spend.

Rule # 6: A real Huddler tells others the good news

The rules of being a Hoodler;  Are you a Hoodler?

Tell your friends and family about the positives of your currencies; But do not be stubborn and do not force others to buy your currencies. Their views may not be similar to yours. Try to train them without a top-down or demeaning view, and rely on facts instead of resorting to emotions (such as the fear of losing profit in another Quinn). Introduce them to good resources and let them decide for themselves.

Your Rule 7: A real hoodler does not get fumo when another currency peaks

When you see other currencies quickly gaining a better position in the market value rankings, this does not distract you. Those currencies will also return to where they came from. Resist the temptation to dump your currency and pump another currency. This is usually futile and a quick way to turn a large fortune into a small fortune. If, contrary to common sense, you decide to buy a new currency, evaluate your assets at market value to manage your risk.

Rule # 8: A real Hoodler will run his own full-time

To ensure the soundness of the currencies and to participate in the consensus, a hoodler will perform its full node if possible. The truth lies in the numbers, and a Huddler will always be honest with his currency. By participating in the network, a Huddler has complete control over his destiny away from tyranny, censorship and oppression.

According to the manifesto, are you a real Hoodler? How many of the above rules do you follow? Write your comment.


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