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The request of the mayor of Miami to use bitcoin was accepted

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced in a video that the Miami State Council has backed his plan to pay city taxes, real estate taxes and government investment in bitcoin.

to the the report “In this video message, Suarez thanked the members of the council:

I thank the members of the Miami State Council for supporting my project. After conducting surveys, the plan obliges city managers to be able to pay a percentage of their employees’ salaries by creating a portal. The scheme allows Miami citizens to pay their dues in Bitcoin, and city managers can work with Miami Accounting to collect taxes in Bitcoin. The City of Miami supports efforts to adopt Bitcoin as a currency and use it for potential future investments.

After micro-investors and large-scale investors and investment institutions, it is now the turn of big cities to look at bitcoin as a tool for safe storage of assets. If Suarez’s efforts succeed, the plan could reduce the risks of investing and using bitcoin, and allow similar cities to look at the digital currency as a safe investment.

Suarez says at the end of his video:

It’s amazing that in Miami we have a forward-looking look at digital currencies.

This video has been viewed 2 million times and has been republished by 5,000 people. At the time of writing, about 16,000 people have liked this video. It is said that these statistics will increase in the coming days.

The entry of bitcoin into the field of urban services and at the macroeconomic level is increasing day by day. Andrew Yang, the 2020 US candidate, has also announced his intention to turn New York City into a bitcoin hub. He is currently running for mayor of New York. Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming’s representative in the US Senate, also wrote in response to Ying’s remarks:

I wish you all the best in Wyoming. Contact me when you have trouble getting a bit license. I know people who are happy to help you.

Officials of the Bitcoin 2021 conference also announced after Suarez’s talks that they will move their headquarters to Miami.


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