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The request of the mayor of Miami to accept bitcoin was rejected by the city authorities

Miami officials have rejected the mayor’s plan to use bitcoin to pay municipal workers and municipal services. According to them, this plan needs further consideration.

to the Report According to the Miami Herald, the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, sought the approval of an immediate plan that would allow citizens to use Bitcoin to pay for their services. Another part of the plan was to make it possible for municipal workers to receive their salaries in bitcoin.

Suarez described the plan as a step forward, but city officials opposed the plan, saying it needed further study.

According to Miami officials, educational campaigns will be launched in English, Spanish and Indigenous languages, with the aim of educating people about digital currencies. These campaigns encourage Miami lawmakers to pass special laws to allow public investment in digital currencies.

Suarez is one of the people who is optimistic about and supports the Miami Treasury investing in Bitcoin.

Suarez’s actions have also come to the attention of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.


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