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The renaming of Facebook caused a sharp rise in the price of Metavars tokens

The prices of the digital currencies Decentraland and Axie Infinity have changed since Facebook announced that it has changed its brand to Meta and intends to focus more on virtual reality (VR). Which have activities related to Metaverse, experienced significant growth.

to the Report Crypto Briefing, digital currency market investors are rapidly buying tokens for meta-conversion projects. After the announcement that Facebook wanted to change its brand, the value of several active projects in the field of Metavars increased. The tech giant announced on Thursday that it has changed its brand to Meta and will now focus on Meta-Metros instead of the current social networks.

In a 90-minute speech on the company’s future, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said:

This is our mission and we still want to bring people closer together. We are still the same company that designs technology with a focus on people. However, we now have a new polar star (goal): helping revitalize the meta-universe.

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Although many projects have grown because of this news, they are now led by the virtual world of Decentralland. Since the announcement of Facebook’s renaming, the price of Dessentland’s main token, called MANA, has risen more than 145 percent.

The renaming of Facebook caused a sharp rise in the price of Metavars tokens
Mana price chart (1 day view of Mana market / dollar)

Other projects active in the field of metatars and games based on non-like tokens (NFT) also grew significantly. One of these projects is Oxy Infiniti. This Blockchain game, which was made to earn money, became very popular and successful in the digital currency market this summer. Since the renaming of Facebook, the price of the Oxy Infiniti token has grown by more than 25 percent.

Another project that works in the field of games and unique tokens is Enjin, whose token price increased by more than 20% with the publication of this news. The engine is a platform for monetized games that allows its users to offer items within a game on the Ethereum network and move them between other games on the platform; The space that the engine manufacturer has named Multiverse.

Sandbox is another Matecraft-style mobile game built in the Minecraft style. The token price of this game has also experienced a 74% growth under the influence of the new Facebook announcement.

Metavars is about the future of the Internet; Where shared virtual spaces connect to form a virtual and perceptible world where users can meet, play and socialize.

Zuckerberg says he believes Metawares is the “successor to the mobile Internet” and allows its users to create digital worlds using virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) technology. He announced on Thursday that his company would also support unique tokens in the future. Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it would invest $ 10 billion this year to build its Metavars.

Prominent figures in the field of digital currency also agree with Zuckerberg. For example, Raoul Pal, the former director of hedge funds, who has explicitly stated that he is very interested in digital currencies, has repeatedly stated that he believes that social media and tokens, such as Mana from the Decentralland platform, will become more common in the coming years. They will be.


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