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The release of the image of Shiba Inoue, Elon Musk, caused a 100% increase in the price of Inouki!

This time, Elon Musk published a photo of his dog named Fluki, causing a 100% increase in the price of Fluki Ino. Musk tweeted that “Fluki has arrived” and that was enough to increase Fluki’s price. Of course, this price increase did not last long.

to the Quoted From Youtube, meanwhile, the price of the Dogecoin, symbolized by the dog Sheba Ina, rose only 5 percent. This 5% growth also turned into a loss after the widespread collapse of the market!

The Flock Ino digital currency was created on June 25 on the China Bainance Smart Network (BSC); Exactly the same day that Ilan Musk announced that he would name his Sheba Inui dog “Flucky”.

Flucky, Shiba Inui's dog Elon Musk
Fluki, Shiba Inui’s dog, Elon Musk

Unlike Dogecoin, Fluke Ino is an anti-inflation digital currency that works on the basis of “meme proofs” and rewards users for holding tokens through auto-farming. The Meem Quinn is currently only available through Uniswap and Pancake Swap, but according to the project roadmap, Fluke Inoue’s team plans to list the digital currency in centralized exchanges as well.

Ilan Musk tweeted last March that he wanted to buy a Shiba Inu dog. This caused a stir in the Dogecoin market and increased the price of this meme coin. He had previously tweeted that Dogecoin was “the people’s digital currency”; Because to have it, you do not have to be “Gigachad”.

Meem Dodge, which made the digital currency even more popular and successful, was recently sold as a unique token worth $ 4 million. This unparalleled token was divided into different parts after sale.

The support of Elon Musk and the rise in the price of Dogecoin have led to a dramatic increase in the popularity and demand for the Shiba Inu breed. According to Entrepreneur, Jerry Burnside, one of the oldest dog breeders, has announced that there is a long waiting list to buy this dog breed. “Jerry Burnside has said:

All my breeding friends have faced a wave of demand for puppies and have a very long waiting list.

Burnside claims that this amount of popularity may lead to immoral breeding on puppy farms. He also warned applicants to buy Shiba dogs that they are not as safe as they seem.

These dogs are not small puppet animals that look like them. These are clever, cunning and self-sufficient hunters in small appearance.

The result of a recent study shows that this breed of Japanese dog has the closest and most similar DNA to wolves.


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